Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks Santa & Updates

What Santa did bring was a new mini-laptop. Meet Mini-Pretty. He's shiny and pretty and so cute and little enough to fit in my purse. I included the CapriSun in the pic, so you can get idea of how little he really is. He makes Pretty look huge.
I still plan to use Pretty for day-to-day writing, but Mini-Pretty's great for writing on the go. So hopefully he'll help increase my productivity.

In other news, I received the second round of edits on Bound Forever over the weekend and have already finished them. I'm letting them sit for a few days, just to make certain I don't want to change anything, then I'll send them to my editor. Oh, and His Client is now officially on Loose Id's Coming Soon page. *g* The blurb isn't up yet, but the book's there. And yes, I have gone to visit Jasper and Nate a few times tonight.

As for real writing, I'll be honest and admit I've been toying with a new freebie for my website. Doing the edits for Bound Forever got me in an Oliver and Vincent mood. The new freebie will be titled Deliberately Bound. It takes place after Bound Forever, so even if I finish it soon, I won't post it until after the book releases. But the scene was so clear in my head, I just couldn't resist the urge to work on it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their loved ones and that Santa was very good to you. Anyone have any fun plans for New Years? Hubby and I are going out to dinner and dancing with some friends. I have no sense of rhythm (Elaine's a great dancer compared to me), so the evening will consist of me clinging to hubby as he moves me around the dance floor. Should be fun ;)


  1. oooooh..I want a mini-pretty. Looks like so much fun. Glad you had a nice holiday. We host a NYE party every year. We do a new cocktail every hour from 7-12..it's fun! :)

  2. New technology - nice!

    Our New Year's Eve will be quiet and low-key (the way we like it).

    Looking forward to the new stories!

  3. Congrats on Mini-Pretty! Are you going to get a fun skin for Mini-Pretty?

  4. Mini-Pretty is fun, Mandi! You need one. ;) And your NYE's party sounds like a surefire way to have very happy guests by the end of the evening. :)

    Hey Wren - I'm usually a low key kinda gal, too, but hubby's a social sort so I'm indulging him on New Years and going out. *pats self on back* LOL.

    Clothes for Mini-Pretty? Ooh - I want!!! He would look fab in the pink plaid or the green bunnies. Thanks for the link, Chris!

  5. You are very welcome! (Seriously, I apparently cannot help myself with the linkity enabling, can I?)

    This is what my Dell Mini 9 looks like all dressed up.

  6. I didn't know you had that skin! Though I saw it on the site when I was surfing for clothes for MP and immediately thought it would be perfect for you. :)

  7. :D

    I actually asked them if they'd do it for the Dell 9, because it wasn't an option when I was shopping and obviously it's better to have the right skin, versus having to cut down a generic netbook skin. And they did! Excellent company. :)

  8. It seems you were really nice this year Ava- Love mini pretty...

    Hope Santa got something just as good..

    Happy holidays to you and the family and thumbs up on the good new all round

    Hopfully you'll get to a short for us...


  9. Congrats on mini Pretty! I've considered getting skin for my Dell, but she's a pretty pink already.

  10. Oooooh, very nice!! I was eye-balling those mini's a Best Buy. They're so cute!! Maybe next year....*dreams*

    I can't complain, I did get earrings and a gift card to the nail spa from the hubby this year :)

    Oh, and I'm diggin' the guy in the pick with the whole bedhead hair and come hither look. Yow.

  11. Oh and it's pic, not pick. Sigh...long day of shoveling all the snow we got.

    Okay, okay, that's a lie. But it sounded good ;)

  12. Ooh, Mini-Pretty is definitely pretty. Have fun dressing and using her. :)

  13. Happy Holidays to you, too, EH! Either I was really nice or Santa has a poor memory. LOL.

    Thanks, Eyre! I agree - no reason to cover your pretty pink Dell with clothes. Just leave her nekkid ;)

    Barbara - I felt sorry for you, out there shoveling all that snow...for about a second. It did sound good, though. LOL. And it sounds like you were on the nice list this year, too. :)

    Thanks, Lily! I already love taking MP along with me when I go out.

  14. Oh, Santa was lovin' on Ava this Christmas!! Hope your new year is just as good!

    See you on the flip side...

  15. Oh you must have been a very good girl this year. Mini-pretty is verra nice. Congrats!!

    I swear there is a comment gopher on your blog that ate my comment on your 'Cover Lovin-His Client' post. I left a comment there, I think I called you a naughty author and mentioned that I get nervous around men in corsets or something, I don't know. It can't possibly have anything to do with my incompetence right Ava? Right? :)

  16. Thanks, Em!

    Thanks for the congrats, FV! Oh, and the comment gremlin has nothing to do with you. Definitely not. LOL. Yeah...I let the guys be very naughty ;) But there's only one corset scene, if that's any consolation, and Jasper's still 100% a guy. Jasper and Nate just like to play games, that's all. Totally normal behavior for 2 Regency dudes. LOL