Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coming Soon Updates

I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The weather is actually warming up a bit here in the Midwest, so the daily high temps are above freezing again...for the time being.

In Coming Soon news, the release date Viscount's Wager (book #3 in the Gambling on Love series) has been pushed out. The book will release sometime in 2015. As for exactly when...I'm not sure yet. 2014 was an unexpectedly hectic year. I'll be very glad to have this year behind me. Plus, Viscount's Wager is turning out to be longer than expected. It will be even longer than All In with the Duke, which currently holds the title of my longest book.

In good news, I'm loving the way Viscount's Wager is coming together. Seriously, love. Rawling has been super fun to write, and he and his hero, Gabriel Tilden, bring the angst and the smexy times. I hope readers love their story enough to forgive the delay in the book's release.

For anyone who had pre-ordered the book and had their pre-order cancelled, there's no reason to worry and you have my apologies. Once a new release date is set, then the book will go back up for pre-order, and I'll also update the blog and my website with the new release date.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Giveaway - All In with the Duke - Print or ebook

I have some print books on my shelves that are in need of good homes. So I have decided to host a series of giveaways, one every couple of weeks or so for the rest of 2014. 

Let's start with All In with the Duke. Here are the giveaway details:

  • 2 winners chosen at random
  • Format: Print or ebook (epub format). Winner's choice. If you choose print and you win, I'll send you an email to request your snail mail address
  • Giveaway open to U.S. and International entrants
  • To enter: Leave a comment on this post (either here or with the post on Goodreads, as it will cross-post) with your email address or send me an email at ava @ avamarch (dot) com to enter. 
  • Giveaway open until November 16th, 2014, midnight EST.

All In with the Duke (Gambling on Love #1)

Max Arrington, the Duke of Pelham, vows to never again let a handsome face blind him to a man's true intentions. But ten months of celibacy and lonely nights drive him to a decadent brothel, where a beautiful young man arouses his illicit passions as never before.

Tristan Walsh has grown tired of being used for men's pleasure. But his latest client is different: commanding yet generous, Max makes him feel cared for as well as wanted. Yet Tristan knows he'll never have the choice to leave the brothel and submit only to Max.

So when Max invites him to be his guest at his country estate, Tristan eagerly agrees to his terms—days to do as he pleases while Max tends to the dukedom, and nights spent together in wicked play. But when the "business arrangement" begins to deepen into something more, Tristan must face the fact that he has no true place in Max's life—or in Max's guarded heart…

81,000 words

Standard giveaway rules apply. Must be at least 18 yrs of age to enter. 2 winners chosen at random by yours truly. One entry allowed per person. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary to enter. Yours truly will post the name of the winners by November 17th, midnight EST, on this blog post. I'll also send the winners an email to let them know they've won. Winners have until November 24th to respond to the email with their format of choice. Blah, blah, blah, and whatever else I forgot to include here.
I put the names of those who entered via the blog, GoodReads, and email into the randomizer, and the winners are:
-Roger Grace

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cover Lovin' - Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold

Those who have visited the blog know by now that I have a thing for covers. I just love them. I recently received the new covers for Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold, and of course I must share them. 

I love the new covers. Samhain did a fantastic job. Many thanks to the cover artist, Kim Killion, for the gorgeous covers. Arthur and Leopold look so yummy :)

The books will be re-released from Samhain Publishing in 2015 (currently targeting sometime in the summer). There will also be a new 3rd book in the series (Convincing the Secretary), featuring Arthur's secretary from Convincing Leopold. 

There is also now an official series title for the books. I referred to Arthur and Leopold's books as the 'Convincing series', but in actuality, they didn't have a series title. Since each book features as least one lawyer and since 2 of the 3 books feature Arthur's London law office, I decided on London Legal. So now the books are officially:
  • Convincing Arthur (London Legal #1)
  • Convincing Leopold (London Legal #2)
  • Convincing the Secretary (London Legal #3)
That's it from me for today. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! And check in early next week for information on an upcoming giveaway (I'll be hosting a giveaway for print copies of some of my books *g*).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paperback, Pre-Order, and Blitz News

All In with the Duke is now available in trade paperback! Max and Tristan look so handsome in print :) If you're interested in snapping up your own copy, it's available at Amazon US

This print edition is part of a test by Carina Press to see how well books from their line will do in print. If the books selected for the test sell well, then Carina might offer more books in print in the future.

In other news, Viscount's Wager (Gambling on Love #3) is now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK for pre-order. No blurb or cover yet, but I can tell you the book features Anthony, Viscount Rawling, and Gabriel Tilden who showed up (or were mentioned) in All In with the Duke and Sharp Love. And I have a release date for the book - December 1st, 2014. 
Amazon US - pre order
Amazon UK - pre order

June is Pride Month, and Carina Press is celebrating by hosting a Pride Week Blitz featuring Sharp Love, The Lost Year (by Libby Drew), Stranger on the Shore (by Josh Lanyon) and Maybe This Time (by A.M. Arthur). I've included links below to a few of the blogs participating in the Blitz (there are a lot of participating blogs and well, that would be a lot of copy/pasting, so I just picked a few). There's a tour-wide giveaway, too (2x ebook copies of all 4 books in the Blitz and a cool rainbow bracelet). And if you are interested in checking out Carina's full section of fabulous M/M books, check out their new 'Discover Male/Male Fiction' page.

That's it for me. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Book Release & News

Sharp Love is now available! This story is the 2nd book in the Gambling on Love series, and features Jack Morgan and William Drake. 

While 6'5" Jack was first introduced in All In with the Duke as Max’s very useful (and very large) carriage driver, I believe Sharp Love can be read as a standalone. You don’t need to have read All In with the Duke in order to enjoy Sharp Love, though since the timelines overlap a bit, you might enjoy it more if you have read book #1 first. 

For buy links to various resellers, or to read a sneak-peak at Chapter One, check out the book's page on my website. 

I’m out and about this week, chatting about various topics. If you are interested in stopping by, here’s where I’ll be:

‘A Series Kind of Gal’ with giveaway 

‘The Appeal of M/M Historical Erotic Romance’ 

‘Genre Spotlight: Male/Male Romance’

Wednesday 6/11 - ‘In the Name of Research’

Friday, 6/13 – ‘Friends to Lovers’

And I’ll leave you with the blurb for the book:

William Drake has lived among thieves, bastards and beggars all his life, doing what's necessary to survive. As a young orphan, that included looking after his best friend, Jack Morgan. But as they grew older, Jack took the honest path, leaving Will behind to fend for himself the only ways he knows how.

When an unsavory errand for his employer brings Jack back to London's underbelly, he needs Will's help. It's there, among the alleys they ran through as children, that the love he's always felt for Will returns. As their nights together grow hotter, Will discovers something new about his old friend—Jack's need to serve extends into the bedchamber.

Will has never fully abandoned his dream of escaping London with Jack. But what could the Duke's driver want with a dishonest cheat like him, beyond a bit of rough sex? It takes the gamble of Will's life to find out if he can win Jack's heart…

77,000 words

“Ava March mines every nugget of emotion from this story, all while making the reader fall in love with both Jack and Will. …I have to say I feel this novel ranks among the best of her work” – The Novel Approach Reviews

“The sexual encounters were HOTTER than hot…” – My Fiction Nook