Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Paperback, Pre-Order, and Blitz News

All In with the Duke is now available in trade paperback! Max and Tristan look so handsome in print :) If you're interested in snapping up your own copy, it's available at Amazon US

This print edition is part of a test by Carina Press to see how well books from their line will do in print. If the books selected for the test sell well, then Carina might offer more books in print in the future.

In other news, Viscount's Wager (Gambling on Love #3) is now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK for pre-order. No blurb or cover yet, but I can tell you the book features Anthony, Viscount Rawling, and Gabriel Tilden who showed up (or were mentioned) in All In with the Duke and Sharp Love. And I have a release date for the book - December 1st, 2014. 
Amazon US - pre order
Amazon UK - pre order

June is Pride Month, and Carina Press is celebrating by hosting a Pride Week Blitz featuring Sharp Love, The Lost Year (by Libby Drew), Stranger on the Shore (by Josh Lanyon) and Maybe This Time (by A.M. Arthur). I've included links below to a few of the blogs participating in the Blitz (there are a lot of participating blogs and well, that would be a lot of copy/pasting, so I just picked a few). There's a tour-wide giveaway, too (2x ebook copies of all 4 books in the Blitz and a cool rainbow bracelet). And if you are interested in checking out Carina's full section of fabulous M/M books, check out their new 'Discover Male/Male Fiction' page.

That's it for me. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Yay for being part of the print trial! :)

    Hanging in there, wishing it was Friday...

    1. Thanks for the yay :)

      I wish it was Friday, too, and it's only Tuesday...well, almost Wednesday. Still, not close enough to Friday yet. At least it's not snowing. That's a plus.