Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cover Lovin' - Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold

Those who have visited the blog know by now that I have a thing for covers. I just love them. I recently received the new covers for Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold, and of course I must share them. 

I love the new covers. Samhain did a fantastic job. Many thanks to the cover artist, Kim Killion, for the gorgeous covers. Arthur and Leopold look so yummy :)

The books will be re-released from Samhain Publishing. There will also be a new 3rd book in the series (Convincing the Secretary), featuring Arthur's secretary from Convincing Leopold. 

There is also now an official series title for the books. I referred to Arthur and Leopold's books as the 'Convincing series', but in actuality, they didn't have a series title. Since each book features as least one lawyer and since 2 of the 3 books feature Arthur's London law office, I decided on London Legal. So now the books are officially:
  • Convincing Arthur (London Legal #1)
  • Convincing Leopold (London Legal #2)
  • Convincing the Secretary (London Legal #3)
That's it from me for today. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! And check in early next week for information on an upcoming giveaway (I'll be hosting a giveaway for print copies of some of my books *g*).