Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cover Lovin' - Sharp Love

I received the finalized cover art for Sharp Love, which is book #2 in the Gambling on Love series! I love getting cover art - makes me so happy. As always, Carina's marketing department did a fabulous job.

The book is currently slated for release in June 2014. No blurb yet, but I can tell you the book features Jack Morgan, who was Max's ever-useful, giant of a carriage driver/bodyguard/tracker-downer of ex-boyfriends from All In with the Duke. Jack's a principled, honorable kind of guy. And his hero, William Drake, is not so principled. Will and Jack have a history, a long one at that. I think of it as an 'old friends to lovers' book. Jack eventually ended up in Max's employ, and Will stayed in the East End of London where he 'works' as a card sharp. In Sharp Love, you'll find out how Jack is so good at tracking down 'missing' ex-boyfriends and other random people for Max, and what exactly Jack did with his time while he was seeing to an 'errand' for Max in the last 1/4 of All In with the Duke. ...yeah, Jack does a lot of work for Max that needs air quotes.  

In other news, I'm currently working on Viscount's Wager, book #3 in the Gambling on Love series. It features Anthony, Viscount Rawling, who was Max's best friend, and Gabriel Tilden, one of the people Jack tracks down in All In with the Duke. Gabriel was Anthony's teenage crush and has the distinction of being Anthony's first kiss. Ah, thwarted young love! And that's all I'll say about that book, as I'm currently writing it and haven't finished it yet. :)

I'm totally late on this one (I blame my beyond hectic weekend) and the sale/giveaway is over, but I have to give a shout-out to Oliver and Vincent. Joyfully Jay picked her 15 all time favorite Loose Id books as part of her birthday celebration/sale, and Bound by Deception was on her list. Yay for Oliver and Vincent! 

It is currently -2 degrees in my neck of the woods and spring can't get here soon enough. Hope everyone's staying warm and having a nice January!

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