Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Update - What's Up with Ava

Now that All In with the Duke has been released, I'm about to head back into the writing cave. So I thought now would be a good time to give an update on what's on deck and what will be coming soon-ish.

- The Convincing series is changing homes. Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold are currently unavailable, but they will be re-released in early 2015 from Samhain Publishing. 

- There will also be a new book in the Convincing series - Convincing the Secretary. It will feature Edward Fenton, one of Arthur's secretaries (not the diligent worker, but the one who was infatuated with Arthur). You haven't met his hero yet, but the guy was mentioned in a round about way at the end of Convincing Leopold. The series will likely release in back-to-back-to-back months, so early-ish 2015 for the new book. 

Beyond Reckless is currently unavailable. To be honest, I haven't yet decided what I want to do with the story. I adore Rys and Martin - they were fun characters to write. I've toyed with an idea of a prequel, a 'how they became a couple' story. Or maybe I'll just self-pub Beyond Reckless as a stand alone short story. I've got a lot of my plate for the next few months, so likely I won't decide what to do with the story for a while. One way or another though, it will eventually be available again. 

And I swear, the 'currently unavailable' thing is not a new pattern with me. It's just how the timing worked with these three books. And the fact I decided to move them is not at all a reflection of my experiences with the respective publishers. Both are wonderful publishers. 

- Sharp Love (book #2 in the Gambling on Love series) has been sent off to my lovely editor, and is scheduled to release June 2014. It's Jack Morgan's book (he was Max's carriage driver in All In with the Duke). And since I'm feeling the love for Jack and his card sharp hero, William Drake, here's a short quote from the unedited book:
“You washed my hair. Never done that before.” Jack more mumbled than spoke. “It was nice.”
“Looks like you found it more than nice, Jack.”

- Next up on the to-write list is Viscount's Wager (book #3 in the Gambling on Love series). It will be Anthony, Viscount Rawling's book (he was Max's best friend). If you've read All In with the Duke, you can probably guess his hero will be a gentleman by the name of Gabriel Tilden. 

- I spent the Thanksgiving holiday setting up a new office. I will no longer be the Author Under the Cupboards. Took one of the spare bedrooms and turned it into an office, complete with a desk and a dry erase board and everything. Here's the new writing cave, including the photo-bombing dogs:

The muses also made the move. They seem happy in their new home, though Kidlet is after me to free four of the marbies from their 'jails'. She used to call them man-barbies, but now they are just my 'marbies'. So far, I've been able to keep her from freeing them. They are safer there - heck, today I found Jake nekkid in the shower of the barbie townhouse. Being a man-barbie and living outside of a box is dangerous in my house. 

- Last but definitely not least, a huge thank you to everyone who has picked up All In with the Duke. I really hope you enjoyed Max and Tristan's book :)  

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