Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Schedule Change, Updates, & Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation and it's great to be home, and it's SO wonderful to have a reliable wireless connection again. The wi-fi at the beach was intermittent at best, and even my phone didn't want to cooperate. The upside to sucky signal strength - I was amazingly productive. Got 2-1/2 chapters written on Thief. It's looking like the book will be a tad longer than anticipated, but I'm still ahead of schedule. Which is good, because my deadlines got moved ahead while on vacation.

The Brook Street trilogy was scheduled to be released April/May/June, but it will now release in March, April and May 2012. I had the option to keep the original dates, but since I'm ahead of schedule with Thief, I decided I'd be stupid to pass up the opportunity to move the dates ahead. So now the books are due sooner, which means you'll likely see me even less around the interwebz as I'll be busily typing away.

I got edits back on My True Love Gave to Me over vacation, and was able to get them turned in last night, so that's off my desk until I see copy edits sometime in September. My editor gave me a 'fantastic job!' on the book - *insert grinning Ava* - felt like she stuck a gold star on my forehead. LOL.

Um...what else? Oh, the Bound series got a lovely review from Dear Author last week. That put a stupid grin on my face for a couple of days. And also helped me to sometimes forget about the ouchy sunburn I got the 2nd day of vacation. Seriously ouchy, and my chest is still red though now it's peeling. Yep, I'm molting. Let me tell you, it's not an attractive look for me.

Speaking of Ollie and Vincent, starting Monday of next week I'll do a giveaway on the blog for a print copy of the Japenese language version of Bound by Deception/Bound to Him.

That's all for me. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Welcome back and look at that pretty boy you brought back with you. :)

  2. I saw your Dear Author review - congrats! :)

    And welcome back!

  3. Welcome back from your "working" vacation. Sorry to hear you burned... bummer! :(

  4. FY - Yes, pretty boy is acclimating quite well to Casa Ava ;)

    Thanks, Chris!

    Lily - the burn does suck. Looks like I'm wearing a white bikini top. LOL. And I was only on the beach for an hour. 1 hour! sigh.

  5. Glad you had a nice vacation. That man might need help getting sand out of his pants ;p

  6. That's an interesting pose he's got going there.

    I'm excited about your trilogy as I know how well Thief is going. Ah, I love having inside knowledge! LOL.

  7. Mandi - I'd be more than happy to volunteer for sand removal duty ;)

    Shawn - that pose makes me want to lick his abs *g* And thanks!! I love having insider knowledge, too :)

  8. Congrats on the great review! As for the internet while on vacay...sometimes it can be a good thing :) Hope otherwise you had a great time.