Monday, August 8, 2011

Giveaway - Oliver & Vincent from Japan

I'm holding a giveaway on the blog for a print copy of the Japenese language version of Bound by Deception/Bound to Him. Yes, it's in Japenese, and I doubt many, if any, of you can read the book. But it's cool - the back is the front for a Japenese book, and the paragraphs are in columns and are read left to right. Plus, the cover illustration is all kinds of awesome. I'm guessing that since the publisher is Prism Romance, that's why the cover has the prism-ie effect on the paper. Pretty fabulous. The guys sparkle ;)

I ordered the book from Amazon Japan, and ended up ordering a few since the shipping costs were ridiculous. So I decided to share the love and do a giveaway for a copy. It's likely the only time the boys will be in print, and I thought some readers might be interested in having a copy of Ollie and Vincent in print, even if they can't read the book.

Leave a comment on this post to enter, and please include your email address so I can contact the winner. Or you can email me at ava @ avamarch (dot) com to enter. Giveaway is open until Monday 8/15/11 at midnight, EST.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering why I needed to order copies of my own book...authors don't always get author copies from foreign pubs. Between my Ava and Evageline pen names, I've sold foreign rights to 5 countries. France is the only one who has sent author copies. Spain, Russia, Italy and Japan...apparently not so much. Since I'm impatient and didn't want to wait to see if the boys would eventually showed up on my doorstep, I ordered the books myself.


  1. I really love the cover!

  2. I would love to win a copy. :)


  3. That is so cool! Please count me in! (And you're so getting mentioned in linkity.)

  4. Ooh - a mention in linkity :) Thanks, Chris!

  5. I love that cover, please count me in. :)

  6. Please count me in!!! :D


  7. Ohh, pretty cover!! Please include me in the contest :)

    Love me some Ollie & Vincent!!



  8. Oh crap!! i just barely saw this!!
    >o< If there is enough time still... I'd like to enter too please!!


  9. Hi, i known i'm not in time...but i love your books and anime, so i only want to know why the book is not publish in english...

    Thanks and congratulations for your's amazing!

    Marta (one portuguese fan!)

  10. Hi Marta - thanks! The books are published in English as novellas as Bound by Deception and Bound to Him, but not as anime. The Japenese version only has one gorgeous illustration on the cover. It would be awesome to have the books fully illustrated, but that is up to the publisher.

    Thanks :)