Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates, a Delivery & News from the Goldfish Tank

Things are going very well on the writing front. I've reached the half-way mark on Thief, and it's not even the end of July. I'm ahead of schedule *pats self on back*. I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines, but they truly do motivate me.

The DHL guy delivered Oliver and Vincent from Japan. The shipping costs were ridiculous, but well, Japan is pretty far away. Because the shipping costs were so much, I ended up buying a few copies. So sometime in early August I'll do a giveaway for a copy. Sure, it's in Japenese and I doubt many (if any) of you could read the book, but.... It's in Japenese and the cover art is awesome. No illustrations inside, but still cool.

In goldfish related news, kidlet decided to put an ant in the goldfish tank. One of the goldfish tried to eat it, but it got stuck half-way in her mouth (we've decided she's a 'her'). The little ant legs were sticking out of her mouth and everything. Hubby ended up having to get the tweezers, pull the fish out of the tank, and pry the ant out of her mouth, otherwise she likely would have eventually died (she couldn't eat with the ant stuck in her mouth). I was never certain which of the 4 goldfish had eaten the little fish, since I didn't witness the carnage, but I'm thinking she was one of them.

On Saturday I leave for the annual summer family vacation to the beach. A lake beach, but it's a big lake. The wireless connection there leaves much to be desired (translate to 'one sucky bar of signal strength, if I'm lucky), so I likely won't be posting next week. I will be keeping my eyes open for any beach hotties and will report back when I return ;)


  1. Wooohooo on the writing front!! That's great!

    I'm lol'ing over the ant extraction. Really lol'ing.

  2. Yay for being ahead of schedule and for getting your box of lovely books! :)

    Those goldfish seem to be a lot of trouble...

    Have fun next week!

  3. I've never heard of someone extracting an ant out of a goldfish..I love kids..LOL (and yay hubs! I feel squirmy thinking of it)

  4. FV - I told hubby he was performing surgery on the goldfish, but 'ant extraction' more accurately describes the process. LOL.

    Chris - those goldfish are a heck of a lot trouble! And the books are very pretty. I've been petting them ;)

    Mandi - I swear, only at my house would a goldfish need an ant extraction. At least kidlet's learned not to put ants in the tank.