Monday, July 11, 2011

Oliver & Vincent go to Japan

Oliver and Vincent have gone to Japan! Loose Id has sold the Japenese language rights to Bound by Deception and Bound to Him. The Japenese publisher bundled both books together in one paperback. The title translates to "Noble Aroma Forbidden Love"...well, at least according to the Google-translated Amazon Japan page.

It's my 1st foreign rights sale for an Ava book, and it's very exciting. I was totally geeked when I found out about it. And the's full of awesome goodness. Love how Vincent's so commanding. He even has his whip ;)

Oliver & Vincent's jaunt to Japan distracted me for a bit, but I was able to ungeek enough to get some work done on Thief over the weekend. I finished chapter 2 and have eeked into chapter 3. I need to write a chapter a week in order to finish by the end of August. And there's no possibility to push out deadlines as Fortune Hunter and Rogues are also due this year. So I need to keep moving on Thief. If you don't see me around the interwebz much, it's because I'm busily typing away.

In other news, I have learned that goldfish are predators. We took home 4 little fish from kidlet's school at the end of the school year. Not thinking anything of it, we put them in the tank with the 4 big goldfish. Then about a week later, we noticed there were only 2 little fish swimming around and looking rather worried. Um... A day later, only 1 little fish. He was a bit bigger than his little fallen fellows, so we thought he'd be fine. Um....nope. Not fine. We now only have 4 big goldfish in the tank. No little fishes. Kidlet called the goldfish 'jerks'. I agreed with her.


  1. I love, love, love the cover! Big congrats and big hugs.

  2. Thanks, Stephani!! I hope I get author copies (which you sometimes do and sometimes don't with foreign rights sales), 'cause I want to be able to pet that cover ;)

  3. Congrats!! :)

    I have to agree with kidlet - big meanie goldfish. :(

  4. Ah, poor little fishies. Tsk, tsk, big fishes always eat other fishes, my dear. It's the food chain.

    That cover is quite cool. I know you are trying to get your hands on a copy, :)

  5. That's awesome, Ava!!! Congrats!!

  6. Thanks, Cindy!

    Chris - they are big meanies, eating their new tankmates!

    But they're goldfish, Shawn - cute, supposedly kid-friendly goldfish. I never expected them to go all Discovery Channel on me. LOL

    Thanks, Barbara!!

  7. Aw, that's too bad about the fish. I agree with kidlet. Jerks! Love the cover and congrats again!

  8. O.M.G!!!!!
    THE ARTIST FOR YOUR NOVEL IS Tarako Kotobuki-san??!?! That is AMAZING beyond words!! omg!!
    I am so tempted to find a way to get it in japanese too!! lol... The cover Is beautiful! *o* I can stare at it forever~~

    lol... but aww.. ;A;/ The horror!! carnivorous fish! (or would it better to say cannibalistic?) lol... and here I thought I thought I only had to worry about Parana's.

  9. Thanks, Loveless! I don't much follow Yaoi, so I had no idea the artist was well know. I just knew I loved the cover ;)

  10. OMG, I love love love the cover. Holy crow that's hot!! And it's totally them...Yaoi-style.

    I have one fish (that's 2 1/2 yrs old, isn't that kind of old for a fish?) that somehow gets rid of any other fish we try to put in with her. We never see it happen...and even if the fish are bigger, we never find the bodies. Creepy. LOL!

  11. lol, I see, I see.
    But indeed... The cover is amazing! ~swoon~

    Yeah Tarako-sensei is pretty big. She's very well known for her Sex Pistols series. Its a GREAT manga if you ever wish to read it. xD
    heh... and if your interested.. here are her other works--Tarako Kotobuki.
    I hope i get to see the art inside the novel when its out. >3> need to special order... lol...

  12. Totally love the cover. Congrats!!

    Poor baby fishies. :(

  13. Awesome cover! Congrats!

  14. Thanks, Devon! Oh, and yeah, I didn't find any bodies, either. The little fish just...disappeared. Very creepy!

    Thanks for links, Loveless! The book is out now - do you know where I could special order it from? I might get author copies, but it all depends on the foreign pub. Sometimes they send them to the US publisher, sometimes not. And like you, I totally want to check out the art in the inside of the book. ;)

    Thanks for the congrats, Lily & Eyre!!

  15. Oh! I do hope you get Author copies. It would kinda suck if you don't. lol...
    Hmm... well for sure you can get it at AmazonJapan. It's pretty much the same as the english amazon. If you know your way around the regular amazon you'll be just fine. During checkout there is a link at the top that you can click to translate it to english. As you proceed there is another link to click on at the top that says something like this; International (Outside of Japan)
    And from there... Its all in english and pretty easy. :D
    Eeek! I actually hope Akadot Retail or kinokuniya bookstores gets it. I live in L.A. so its pretty easy to drive there to get it. lol...
    I'm so excited for it now! I want it~ \o/
    Congrats again for going International! xD haha!

    If you have trouble... I can probably go down to L.A. and look for it in Little Tokyo. Just let me know if you have any trouble. :3

  16. Loveless - I followed your instructions and ordered the book from AmazonJapan! I ended up ordering a few copies since the shipping was so ridiculously expensive. Might as well make it work the cost. And since I'll have extra, I'm going to do a giveway on the blog in early August for a copy.

    I'm going to be stalking my mailbox for the next week. Can't wait for them to arrive! :)


  17. Yay!! So glad you were able to get a few! lol... \o/ ooh~~!! I am so there!! August is my birth month so I hope I have enough luck to win a copy! If i don't find it first that is.
    Really looking forward to that giveaway, and glad i was able to help you! xD

    >o>/ Oh, and be sure not to scare the mailman... too much. lol... xD

  18. Wonderful news and fabulous cover. Congrats, Ava!!

  19. Oh wow, congrats!! I haven't been a good blog hopper lately so I missed your good news. And your bad fish news. :(