Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Behind the Story - A Pint Light by Devon Rhodes

A Pint Light by Devon Rhodes

Stats - Submitted to Total-E-Bound Publishing on August 1st, 2009. Contracted on August 23rd, 2009. Released on October 26th, 2009.

Little Known Fact - I began writing this story on July 30th (see dates above)...yes, I went from conception to submission in two days (well, nights). Plus I was leaving on a month-long road trip the day I submitted.

Extremely Little Known Fact – Raine was almost a girl...for about three sentences. Then he said, hell no, and slapped me upside the head. Brie still hasn't stopped teasing him about it. She always wanted a sister.

How did I get the idea for the book? - I was browsing through TEB's website before bed (for something to read) and noticed their calls for submission for the first time. I immediately thought, so many vamp tales are dark and angsty and violent--wouldn't it be cool to write a humorous one? Not a parody, just with some warmth and funny moments. Then the title came to me, and almost simultaneously, the opening scene. I almost broke my fingers trying to get a new doc opened.

If I could edit the book now, what would I change? – The length. The word count was set by the call, and I was barely under the max as it was. Without constraints, I would pull it out to at least novella length and slow the pace down a bit. The world I built just begs for more page time, which is why I decided to use this as a springboard for the series, Vampires & Mages & Weres, Oh My!

Miscellaneous Stuff – You'll be seeing a bit of Raine and Val, Brie and Killian in the next book in the series this spring, and even more in Killian's story early summer. I can't wait, and neither can they!

Thanks bunches to my lovely Ava, who has been there from the start. Hard to imagine it's been over a year since all this started! Thanks for having me on, and I'd love to answer any questions from her readers (ask the right ones and maybe you'll get some spoilers). ;)

A Pint Light - Now available from Total E-Bound Publishing

Valerian stole Raine's blood, his magic...and his heart.

What's a vampire to do when every day is the same old dull quest for blood? Head to Maui, of course. But before Valerian can hit the beach, he needs to get rid of the sultry mage seducing him in his sleep. She may have fooled his subconscious, but he doesn't need a mate complicating his life. Imagine Val's shock when he finds out she's a he, yet still has the power to arouse him beyond anything he'd ever imagined.

Raine faints at the sight of blood and isn't looking forward to being a vamp's chew toy. Still, family duty calls, and Valerian turns out to be the hottest, and most powerful, male on two legs. Raine is crushed when the sexy vamp of his dreams runs from their rough play in horror. But his pride can't stand in the way when Valerian accidently steals his magic along with his blood.

Now, with time running out, Raine needs to seduce him one last time to even up the score, and maybe this time, they'll exchange more than blood and power. Magic is in the air, and sometimes love only needs a little nudge.


  1. Wow! That's amazing, that you wrote it that fast!

    Thanks for sharing your story of the story. :)

  2. Awesome! I love it when characters smack their creators upside the head and demand a sex change. hehe.

  3. Awesome! I love it when characters smack their creators upside the head and demand a sex change. hehe.

  4. Stupid blogger. It makes me stutter apparently. :(

  5. Hi Chris! Thank, sometimes I wish I could write them all that fast!

    LOL @FV, I know, that happens to me...is there an echo in here??

    I wrote this back before I was pubbed and was still trying out different genres to see what I was going to enjoy the most. This was my second m/m story after Remarkable Restraint in the Games in the Dark antho. THAT was quite a "coming out" first publication for me since not only was it m/m, but also D/s!! I don't think my hub has still recovered from the opening scene...all he could manage to read.

  6. Devon YOU are the power writer extraordinare! I bet your keyboard was smokin' the entire time you were writing this one!
    I love this book! It's very fresh and sexy! Thank you for turning Raine into a man...I can't imagine it being any other way:)
    Congrats on your continued success! You deserve it:)

  7. Wow! That was fast! I'm so jealous. *hugs*

  8. I'm glad Raine gave you a smack. Val needed the guy version of Raine, even if he didn't think so at the beginning. LOL

    Thanks for the post, Devon! (hugs)

  9. Wow. Two days? Yikes!!

    Can't wait to read this one...

    (Yes, ladies...I know I'm late to the party...let's just say TGIF!)

  10. Thanks for popping over, Em, whatever day it is! I know, I was apparently motivated, but it was more the exception than the rule. :)

  11. I agree fast writing Dev...

    It lovely to read the story behind this one - I did like it and it is good to know where you were going with it..