Monday, October 25, 2010

Cowboy Kitteh and The Prince's Issues

Where did the weekend go? I swear, it was just Friday. *sigh* Oh, and I need today's hottie to come to my house to do some painting. I haven't painted in like five years (coincides with when I started writing), and it's past time I changed up some of the colors around the house. I've been trying to nudge hubby to do it, far, no results.

The writing is coming along, I even got all the forms done for Beyond Reckless and turned them in *pats self on back*. I've got the 2nd round of edits due for His Client at the beginning of Nov, so I need to finish them up. After that, I'll need to turn my attention to edits and revisions for Bound Forever. Yeah, revisions. :( But my editor's right, the ending needs a tweak and Oliver will be the better for it. Ollie's my boy, after all, and I'll do whatever it takes to show him the love. *g*

There were some interesting happenings in the kidlet's playroom recently. Kitteh proved herself quite the cowgirl.

When I saw this next one in the corner of the playroom, I will admit, I was struck speachless. Speachless in a 'what the??....oh, dear lord...' sort of way. I snapped a quick pic on my phone when the kidlet was out of the room, then casually asked her what was up with The Prince. Any guesses on her answer?
...."I couldn't get his pants on".

Ahhh. See, totally reasonable reason for him to be bent over Kitteh's scratching thingy with his bum hanging out. The nearby nekkid barbie - not sure what's up with her. Didn't ask. But I did fix The Prince's pants for him. This is not the first instance where the poor fellow's been left in the lurch. Clearly I need to get him some clothes that are easier for the kidlet to get on him.


  1. I think The Prince would look in a kilt. Easy on, easy off. Easy everything :D

  2. I love Cowgirl Kitteh! (You are not surprised.)

    SURE that's what up with the Prince. Where was the other Prince, hmm?? Off getting supplies perhaps?

  3. LOL at the kitten. That is just too cute.

  4. I love the kittie pic! and can think of lots more reasons for the Prince to be bent over like that! :D


  5. A kilt's a greak idea, Wren! The Prince has the legs to pull off a kilt, too ;)

    Thanks, Steph! Kitteh seemed to like hanging out on the pony, too.

  6. Chris & Jase - you're in the pervie end of the pond with me, 'cause that's exactly where my mind went when I saw the poor fellow bent over like that. LOL. I did look around for the other Prince, too, and didn't spot him. So Chris could very well be right ;)

  7. I think Barbie was trying to be inconspicuous so she could watch. :D

  8. In that case, Barbie is my kind of gal;)

  9. LOL! Ava your post and pics are hilarious! I wish I could have seen your face when you noticed that the prince was bent over like that. How did you keep a straight face when you asked your daughter about it? :)

  10. Cowboy kitteh = AWW!

    I laughed at your Barbie pic because I just posted Barbie with a strap-on on my blog. We were just wondering where to get a strap-on for Barbie, and I said that if anyone knew, it would be Ava March.

  11. Andi - it was very hard to keep a straight face, though I have a feeling I didn't do a good job hiding my relief when she told me why the poor Prince's bum was hanging out. LOL

    Eyre - Loved the Barbie pics!!! You do know you're giving me ideas, right? LOL. The Princes like to keep things PG on the blog, but I might be able to convince them to get a little frisky for you all ;)

  12. I think you need to be banned from the kidlet room...

    on second thought - probably not or else we wouldn't get the good stuff....

    P.S. - I think princey pants in on back to front....


  13. LOL, EH!!

    Hey, I wonder if you're right. Maybe his pants were on backward. I'll have to go check that out...