Friday, October 29, 2010

2011 Book Release News

I hope everyone's been having a good week. Fall has arrived here. The temps are dropping, the wind is picking up, and summer's now officially gone :( I miss summer already.

Enough whining about the fact winter will soon be here. I do have some news. Bound Forever will release in March 2011! Don't have an exact date yet, but it's in the schedule for March. Loose Id waits 2-3 months between author releases, hence the Mar'11 date even though I turned the book in back in Aug. His Client has a Jan'11 date, so that meant BF would get a Mar/Apr date. I'm happy it's going to be March. And that also means Convincing Leopold will likely release sometime in early summer 2011.

Given that, I have a new target date to complete Convincing Leopold - Feb/Mar'11 (yep, love those nice and open deadlines). Which gives me plenty of time to write it...and just maybe squeeze in writing another story this year. I'll see how long it takes to do the edits/revisions on BF, then see if I have time to write something new before going back to CL.

Enough about me. Shawn Lane is holding a contest on her blog for a copy of her upcoming release, Manfred's Curse. So pop on over and leave a comment if you want to throw your name in the virtual hat. Devon Rhodes is also holding a Halloween contest on her blog. Winner gets their choice of one of her books in her backlist.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend! Anyone have any fun plans? Hubby and I are taking the kidlet trick-o-treating. Kidlet is going to be a black cat witch. She wants to bring Kitteh along to complete the costume, but I'm trying to convince her that maybe that's not a good idea. Kitteh's pretty mellow for a kitty, but not sure she'd appreciate the whole trick-or-treating scene.


  1. Congrats on the release date hon... Are you doing any free story for the xmas on the blog...

    I love all your guys - so I would love to revisit anyone of them...

    Cute pic...


  2. Yay for release dates!

    Have fun on Halloween! Perhaps the kidlet could be convinced to take a stuffed kitteh?

  3. Release dates - w00t!

    Have a great time trick-or-treating. Are the princes going along?

  4. LOL...Amber Quill would be faster.

  5. Congrats on the upcoming releases. Have a great time with the kidlet! :)

  6. A Christmas story, EH? Um...hadn't considered one. Um...*thinking of sequels in the works and dates the books are set*...maybe Leo and Arthur could use a short little story that takes place between their books. Timing would work.

    Nudge received. :) Now I'll have to see what the muse does with it. ;) No promises, though. The muse may decide not to cooperate. She's a rather fickle b!tch. LOL

  7. Hi Eyre! Actually, Kidlet does have a new Hello Kitty Chococat from Build-A-Bear. Good idea! I'll let her know Chococat would like to go trick-or-treating. Maybe that will work.

  8. Hey Wren! The Princes have to stay home, but they could have their own costume party. In fact, I saw a new Beast barbie from Beauty & the Beast at Target the other day. Came complete with a fake plastic beast head so you could change him from the dude to the beast. Tried to get the kidlet to want it, but...nope. Bummer. Would have made an awesome costume for one of the Princes.

    Yes, Anon (*g*), AQ would be faster. Hint received. ;)

    Thanks, Lily!!

  9. Those dates sound so far away... :)