Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Magic Touch

As it turns out, I didn't need hubby to pull files off my old laptop's hard drive. All I needed was one bored kidlet. I had set the old laptop on the couch in the basement (serving as a sort of visual reminder to hubby that I needed him to work on it) and it drew the kidlet's attention today. As she peppered me with questions ('Can I have it?' 'No. It's broken.' 'What's wrong with it?' 'It died'....), she opened the lid and started messing with it (i.e. randomly pushing buttons).

And the damn thing powered up. I could not believe it. It was completely and utterly dead 3 weeks ago. I had tried everything to revive it and nothing worked. Even had IT Dude hubby look at it and he declared something had 'blown' inside it. I don't know if something inside got shifted during shipment from Florida, or if the kidlet has the magic touch. But it works now.

See - here's proof. The old laptop lives again! :) ...and yes, that's the pic of the Princes on their date. They looked so cute I had used them as a desktop background.
Not that I have any plans to abandon Pretty. I don't trust the old laptop anymore, and Pretty and I are getting along wonderfully. But I was more than happy to be able to access the un-backed up files on it. Now I have all my cover art and photoshop files, along with the 'research' folder that was much too large to fit on a backup CD, safely saved on Pretty.

That was my excitement for the day. How was your day?


  1. Aw, the Princes look so sweet on their date!

    Yay for rescuing all your stuff from the old laptop. Did the kidlet get a reward?

    My day sucked. Tomorrow's going to suck, too. :D

  2. :( So sorry your day sucked. At least tomorrow's Friday. That's something.

    My day wasn't going too well...until the kidlet worked her magic. Now it's going good. And nope, no reward, except for a big hug. Not sure if I should encourage the random pushing of buttons thing. Likely won't work out so well next time. LOL She was so proud of herself, though. Smiling and so happy she'd 'fixed' the computer daddy had not been able to fix.

  3. Thanks!

    Oh, I bet she's proud! He'll never live that down.

  4. I know! LOL. His revised explanation was that something might have overheated and needed time to cool down. Um...I tried to power it up 3 days after it died (right before I packed it up to ship back home) and it didn't work. I'd think if it had overheated, 3 days in the in-laws' 71 degree air conditioned house (which was f-ing freezing) would have cooled it down.

  5. LOL @ techy guy getting out-teched by kidlet. Omg, that's hilarious. Do NOT let him live that down. Ever. That is a family joke that must be kept going until she's old enough to appreciate it, and then some!! :)

    Glad you have your "extras" back, and I'm sure Pretty appreciates the loyalty!

  6. Hey Devon - Oh, I plan to do the random comments thing - you know, when he least expects it and is working on fixing something, I'll ask him if he needs the kidlet to come fix it for him. LOL

    And I'm very happy to have my 'extras' back. :)

  7. Your kidlet obviously has some mad tech skills! Congrats on getting all your files back, and enjoy those random comments you'll get to make.

    That theory of something having to cool down is fabulous. Poor techy-guy was really reaching on that one.

    You'll get a lot of mileage out of this, I'm sure.

  8. Love it! Go kidlet. Better than mine who thought it would be cool to pick the keys off the keyboard after I spent eight hours re-formatting the darn thing. :)

    Glad you got your files back!

  9. Hi Eyre - yeah, he was really reaching for that excuse. LOL. I plan to have lots of fun with the random comments, too :)

    Hey Martha - Your kidlet picked the keys off the keyboard? Oh no! Hopefully you were able to reassemble the keyboard will no ill effects.

  10. LMAO!! OMG, I love the wallpaper on old not-so-faithful. You're too funny :D

  11. You go, tech savvy kidlet!!

    Glad you got your stuff back.

  12. Hi Barbara - when the kidlet saw the wallpaper pic for the first time, she asked if it was a pic of her barbies. When I said yes, she gave me one of those 'oh, you're such a silly Mommy' looks. LOL.

    Hi Lily - she is a rather tech savy 6 yr old. Next time I have a computer problem, I'm calling her instead of hubby. ;)