Saturday, June 12, 2010

Story Behind the Story - Most Likely to Succeed by Shawn Lane

Stats: submitted to Amber Quill 0n 02/04/09. AQ is different but contract was processed on 02/19/09. Published 04/11/09.

Originally, Most Likely to Succeed was supposed to be part of an Amber Pax collection with the theme of Business Matters, but not enough authors signed up for the theme to create a Pax. Fortunately, Amber Quill used my story anyway, because for a long time it was my best seller there and on All Romance eBooks. It was the number one best seller for the month of April 2009.

Little known fact: I don’t think this is all that unknown but one of my two heroes has a kink I share somewhat. Well, at least one I would like to share. (clears throat) LOL.

Extremely little known fact: I briefly considered writing two other books from characters in this story. Tommy’s friend and former boyfriend, Matt and how he got together with his fireman boyfriend, Josh, and a story with the guy who broke Clark’s heart by being a sleaze, Aaron. There was something about Aaron, who I know was a prick in the book, that made me want to redeem him in his own story. A reformed asshole (no pun intended there) appeals to me.

How did I get the idea for the book? I got the idea for this “Business Matters” story from watching gay porn on Men At Play. The “stories” there always involve two guys in a suit and it’s pretty blasted hot. Thus where I began to think of my two hot suited guys.

If I could edit the book now, what would I change? I’d probably find a better way for Thomas to find out what Aaron did to Clark then have his secretary tell him. I might have explored Clark’s sister’s abusive relationship with her husband more.

Misc Stuff: Clark is still one of my favorite heroes, probably because of his naughty side yet he’s also got a soft vulnerability. I’ve always liked the name Clark since my younger days of watching Christopher Reeve play Clark Kent in Superman and then later Dean Cain (yum). I also love Clark Griswold in the Vacation movies. Clark shares the same last name as my bff.

The last name for Thomas came from the silly song, H, A, Double R, I, G, A, N, spells Harrigan…um, anyway, I was watching a Mash episode and Colonel Potter was singing that song. Check out the lyrics if you’ve never heard of it.


  1. That's right - what happened to Matt & Josh? I liked them! I say they still need a book. ;)

    MAP.... :D

    Thanks for doing the post! :) You rock and you know it.

  2. Great post, Shawn!

    I just love getting the backstory of books I like.

    I agree with Ava that Matt & Josh need a book; however, I know that you have tons characters and scenarios for other stories in your head so I won't pressure you for this one. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Shawn! Like Eyre, I really enjoy learning more about how the books I enjoy came to be.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to learn the backstory behind a book.

  5. Wonderful post! I'm enjoying these. I haven't read this one yet and the naughty girl in me is just dying to know about that kink. *shameface*

  6. *sigh* And another one gets added to my must-read list...

    I laughed over the MASH reference. As soon as you spelled out the lyrics, I knew where it came from. LOL.

    Awesome job, guys.


  7. Good to know these little details - I have always liked Clark's brother..

    He is a good brother..

    AQ is so quick with the whole process.


  8. Thanks EH

    Clark didn't have brother. Are you thinking of At Long Last, perhaps?