Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's His Kink?

Before I get to today's topic, we must indulge in some man candy. As promised to E.H., I found a gorgeous, more masculine hottie for today's post, and not some pretty young thing. I figure he's got to be at least 25 yrs old - he's got some facial scruff going on and he doesn't appear to have an ounce of lingering baby fat to soften the lines of his muscles. :)

Between Shawn Lane's recent post on writing sex scenes and an email I wrote to a friend tonight about two new characters, my mind has firmly fixated on kink (not a bad thing to fixate on *g*). On Tuesday, the muse bit big time, and since then I've been mulling and typing up notes for a new book idea. The thing is, the guys have yet to tell me their kink. I've got the plot and romance down, but as soon as it comes time for them to get it on...well, I don't yet know those details. They haven't told me what they particularly like when it comes to activities of a horizontal (or vertical) nature.

Characters have likes and dislikes, just like us. Traits that make them unique people. Some are more mild - like a preference for kissing at every possible opportunity. There are those who adore foreplay, and those who like to cut directly to the main event. There are the guys who like to boink for hours, and others who like it hard and fast. Some are true romantics at heart, infusing a sweetness into every sex scene. Some are more...distinct in their preferences.

For example, Clark Sterling from Most Likely to Succeed by Shawn Lane liked the added thrill that came with the possibility someone could be watching him during sex. He preferred the drapes to be open, and sex on the balcony of his highrise building...oh, he definitely liked that. Payton Townsend from The Englor Affair by J. L. Langley discovered he had a fondness for Simon's jock strap, and Ryan Kellar from Tabloid Star by T. A. Chase had a thing for licking his lover's tattoos.

When I create new characters, I try to make them as real as possible. That includes figuring out their sexual likes and dislikes. What they'll do, not do, and what really gets them hot. I tend to veer more to extremes or stronger traits. Part of it is because, like Shawn mentioned in her post, I want the scenes in each book to be unique from other books. As such, Vincent from the Bound series will most likely be my only hero who likes to chain his lovers. Oh, I plan to do other books with D/s elements, but those heroes will enjoy other elements of BDSM. There are lots of things to choose from in that particular bag of kink ;) Giving a guy a distinct kink also gives me something to play with when I write a scene.

Back to my new guys. No BDSM in this least I don't think so. will they each like? And those likes/dislikes have to match up in some fashion for them to be compatible in bed. Um...I'll have to mull the guys over some more. At some point, I'm sure they'll tell me. And maybe they'll surprise me. Like with Leopold from Convincing Arthur, I knew early on he was a slut without limits. I didn't realize he'd be a dirty slut until his first BJ scene with Arthur.

Since we're on the topic of kinks, of all the books you have read, what character kinks have stood out for you? Which ones were memorable, in a good way? And please, not the fried chicken with special sauce sort of memorable that poor Eyre endured recently while reading a book. LOL


  1. Great post, Ava! I'm sure you're new heroes will be more than happy to tell you what fetish they might have!
    Nice eye candy too!

  2. Fabulous post. And I like all but the first picture. He's a little too ripped for my tastes, lmao.

  3. I agree with Andi! Great post and hot pictures!

    The D/s scenes are the ones that are most memorable for me (in a good way, usually.) I'm a sucker for a scene in which a Dom tempers total control with tenderness. Also, I can't recall which book it was, but it wasn't too long ago that I read a story with a scarred hero. His partner was fascinated with licking and tracing his scars. I found that highly erotic.

  4. Thanks, Andi! For the time being, they are being a bit shy. I guess I just have to keep thinking naughty thoughts, until one of them raises a hand and says 'oooh! I like that one!' LOL

    I know you like the pretties, Shawn, so I'm not surprised Mr. Ripped wasn't to your taste ;)

    Hi Eyre! Glad you liked the post and the pics. :) Now I want to know what book that was with the hero who was fascinated with licking his lover's scars. I can see something like that being very sweet yet very erotic, and would say a lot about how the one hero feels about the other.

  5. I kinda like a lot of everything.. just not overdone...

    I especially like the collar - just the idea of belonging to someone to show it in that way...

    I think I like kink from the subs point of view - After a while no matter how pure hearted a DOM is - I just find them all overbearing...

    A sub - now that is the strenght of the team...

    Your last pic - look at the guys face, it's utterly gorgeous....
    He's so comfortable and just at that point - I can just imagine subspace...

    Love that pic - I think I will pinch it....

    Thanks Ava...


  6. I love that last pic, too, EH! The look on his face is simply beautiful.

    I prefer scenes in the sub's POV, too. The dom's POV is nice, too, and I like seeing the sub from the dom's point of view, but my favorite type of hero is a strong beta. And like you said, in a D/s relationship, the true strength lies in the sub.