Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shiny, Pretty Things

I've reached the point where I need to just step away from Photoshop. I've grown much too fond of it of late. Made 3 ads last night for online advertising, and for the past week+, I've been messing with a postcard. It's not set up to be mailed, more for promo purposes. I was itching to make something shiny and pretty for my m/m books, so since I had time and no looming deadlines, I indulged myself.

See, isn't it pretty? And it will be all glossy and shiny when it's printed *G* (sorry - I get a little overly excited about promotion materials). The back isn't completely done yet, since I need From Afar's cover, but everything else is done. When I get them back from the printers, I'll let you all know, and if you want one, I'll happily snail mail you a few.

Anyway, I do believe the time has come to quit messing around with Photoshop and the myriad other misc writing-related things I've been doing to fill my evenings, and get back to writing. The muse bit big time today, so I'm going to see where it takes me and just write.


  1. He's definitely pretty!

    And so is your postcard, love it. Glad to hear your muse is active again.

  2. I'm just before handcuffing you to the computer! You've taken enough time off, Ava Dear! It's time to get back to writing!

    Gorgeous eye candy!

  3. Love the postcard... and you know I want one, right?? ;)

    Very nice job, Ava!

    (and can't wait to see where you head to next.)

  4. ooh..I love the postcard.

    I need to learn some skillz on photoshop to make myself a Brandon Flowers postcard...LOL ;) (I have a one-track mind)

  5. Ooh, he IS pretty. You know I like pretty boys, :D

  6. sweet Ava...

    Love the post card as well...


  7. He's so pretty! Thanks for the eye candy, Ava! The postcard looks great, too!

  8. Ooh, he is pretty.

    The post card is lovely!

  9. Thanks, Lily, Martha, Shawn, Andi and Eyre!!

    Hey Shaye - Are we on the verge of upgrading to handcuffs now? :-O Ok. Ok. I'm getting back to work. *g*

    Hi Mandi - I'm sure you could have a lot of fun with Brandon in photoshop!!

    Hi EH - I can't help it that I'm focused on the pretty boys right now. It's all Shawn's fault!! I'll find a gorgeous, more masculine hottie (one over the age of 21) for the next post, just for you ;)

  10. Very cool postcard, Ava! The eye candy is delicious too!

  11. Oooh, I likey...

    BTW, I've gone and fallen in love with my Photoshop as well. So don't feel bad. Oh, and if you ever need good sites to get fonts, let me know. I spend hours and hours font browsing. Yeah, I'm a herb.

  12. Very pretty!

    And that postcard... it is a good day when the mailman brings cards like that!

  13. Thanks, Marissa!!

    Fonts?!? Oh, you said the magic word, Barbara. You've gotten me all giddy. LOL

  14. Barbara you are a herb? Like rosemary or thyme?