Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharing the Excerpt Love

The excerpt for From Afar popped up on its coming soon page. I don't know why I get geeked about stuff like this. I knew what excerpt they were going to use - I sent the thing to my editor. Still, I did the 'Ooh!' accompanied by the little squee giggle when I saw the link had made its way on to the page. If you want to take a peek, here's the link - From Afar excerpt.

Samhain has opened the polls for the 2009 Readers Choice Sammie Awards. There are 8 categories - such as favorite cover, hero, heroine and book - with separate categories for ebooks and print. All 2009 Samhain titles are included, including Object of His Desire. So if you're in the mood to cast votes for your favorites, the link to the poll is on Samhain's home page.

And finally, I gave the thumbs up on the cover art for From Afar tonight. I like it a lot *g* So sometime this week, I should get the final files, and as soon as I do, I promise to share.

I hope everyone had a decent Monday - I think hoping for a great Monday would be asking a bit much, since it's Monday and all. But hopefully 'decent' was achievable for everyone :)


  1. Okay that dude is HAWT. (pant pant)

    Love the excerpt

  2. I had a feeling you'd like him. :) In addition to all his other yummy attributes and his pretty face, he has perfect nipples (which is an odd thing to admire on a man, but you just can't miss his). Makes me want to pinch them LOL

  3. Very nice job! Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Great excerpt! Thanks!

    You're right about those nipples, BTW. ;)

  5. That was a really lovely excerpt. So sensual.

  6. Loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read the book.

    Thanks for sharing it and the lovely Man Candy.

  7. Thanks Eyre, Wren, Lily and Mandi!

    The excerpts have to be PG-13 for the coming soon page, but I promise to post a more...explicit one when it gets closer to release day :)