Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sorry State of an Author on Vacation

I'm still officially on vacation from writing. Decided to take a little break after I finished the single title. The other day Devon Rhodes asked me what it was like not having a deadline hanging over my head, or a book in process. She wondered if I had gotten twitchy from not writing. LOL I'll admit, it took about a week to settle into the little mini-vacation. Not even a couple days into the vacation, I was opening up my notes for Bound Forever, because it felt really odd to not be working on something. But now that I have settled into not writing every night...

I've become a TV queen. I've haven't watched so much TV in years. Wednesday night sucks, though. Nothing good on. Last night was a good night. The Little Couple and the season finale for Tabitha's Salon Takeover. *g* And Monday night...oooohhh...The Bachelor. *G* That show is so funny, I can't help but laugh at the chicks. Even characters in bad romance novels aren't as dramatic. And they kicked one off for diddling one of the producers. (insert dramatic gasp) They even filmed her for like 5 minutes as she was packing, or as I referred to it - 'the pack of shame'. LOL. Tomorrow night Pawn Stars is on (I love Chumlee) and BBQ Pitmasters. My idea of cooking is 'beep, beep, beep, *start button*' and I don't even eat meat (...I don't mean that type of meat - get your mind out of the gutter). But for some reason, I've gotten totally sucked into BBQ Pitmasters. And don't even get me started on Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti even matches gay millionaires now, too. squee! Oh, oh...and the new season of What Not To Wear started! Biggest squee of all!!! I *heart* Stacy and Clinton.

OK. So it's pretty darn lame to get so excited over TV shows. Yes, it's true and even I admit it. But I'm not just lazying my butt in front of the TV every night. I've read 11 books since the first of the year. Going through the old TBR pile. Still...I am getting lame and boring. I need to get back to writing soon or I'm going to turn down right pathetic. LOL


  1. Love the pic.

    I can't bring myself to stop writing for long periods. As you know I panic if I don't have something waiting to be released. It's a sickness.

    However, the difference is I write while watching television. My favorites are Paranormal State (definitely not for you frightened one), Most Shocking, Psych, The Dog Whisperer,and World's Dumbest. I am a total cable whore. I rarely watch the "regular" channels. My favorites are A&E and TruTv.

    I also continue to read books during writing periods. See that is the difference. You deprive yourself while you are writing so naturally you feel you need an extended break.

    But get back to work or I will tell Shayne.

  2. No telling the slavemaster!! Or he'll never unchain me again. LOL. I have the TV on while I write, but the volume is down all the way and it has to be boring TV, nothing that will snag my interest or yank me out of writing. And I'm a cable whore, too. I rarely watch regular TV channels.

  3. LOL, that twitchy comment really hit home, dinnit? ;)

    The best thing for me to write to--football...AKA background noise. Or basketball. Or any ball. I grew up a fanatical reader in a sports crazy household, so nothing is more comforting than immersing myself in reading or writing while tuning out announcers and crowds.

    Otherwise needs to be quiet. :) Bet you know which my hub chooses.

  4. Devon wrote: "so nothing is more comforting than immersing myself in reading or writing while tuning out announcers and crowds."

    Oh, yeah. I drive my hubby crazy with being able to read and not listen to him while he raves about the latest race on tv. *grin*

    Ava, enjoy your time off while you can... soon you'll be back under the gun. (and nice, nice, nice pic!)

  5. Ava, honey, I'm pretty sure you know what happens next in that picture!

    I love Stacy and Clinton! I'm scared to even imagine what they'd say if they looked into my closet. If you're becoming a t.v. queen and like fashion, you might want to check out Project Runway. It premieres tonight and is one of my guilty pleasures. I love Tim Gunn!

  6. I hate to admit this, but I hate television. I would much rather listen to music and read than watch television anyday. I write better when I don't have the distraction from television, too.

    I'm glad you're taking some time to breathe. Every once in a while we need to take a step back and just relax.

    Enjoy your vacation:) You deserve it!

    Love that eye candy too! So FINE!

  7. Hi Devon, Martha & Andi! I can read a book and have a ton of noise in the background, but I can't write unless it's almost quiet. The TV can be on, but it's the noise that distracts me. Hubby got a pair of headphones for xmas - best gift ever. He can play his computer games and I don't have to listen to the shoot-em-up noises while I'm writing. I love santa!

    Oh, Eyre, I love Tim Gunn, too! Thanks for letting me know a new season is starting. I've told myself to 'make it work' more than once when I'm working on a scene that won't cooperate. LOL

  8. OH-MY....what a back on that guy! *drooling*

    YAY you! You enjoy this relaxation. You won't have it forever. TV...oh, please. I have no clue what's even on TV anymore. Okay, that's a lie. Once in a blue I'll watch Law & Order or Cake Boss but that's rare.

  9. Backs are my FAV :) That is a hot picture!

    I heart Stacy and Clinton..massively!! Clinton and Tim Gunn from Project Runway are my BFF's..they just don't know it :) Of course I didn't realize the new season was starting so that makes me a semi-bad fan.
    Big Love just started on HBO last week and that is one of my fav shows. I am eagerly waiting for Lost to start too!

  10. Hey Barbara!! I've been getting into Cake Boss recently, too. Just another show to add to the long list. LOL. Of course, I can't bake either, but that doesn't stop me from watching the show.

    Hi Mandi! Yeah, Clinton's my doesn't-know-it-yet BFF, too. LOL. I used to watch Big Love, then I got rid of the premium cable channels. Though I do miss HBO - gotta love a channel that shows full frontal male nudity (...James Purefoy as Mark Antony from Rome...yum-yum-yummy!!!)