Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phillip's New Friend

The kidlet got a new Prince barbie for Christmas from 'Santa'. 'Santa' thought Prince Phillip could use a friend, so Santa snatched up The Prince (poor fellow, he doesn't have a name - he's just 'The Prince' from the latest Barbie movie). Of course, I just couldn't resist snapping this pic. I think Prince Phillip would have looked cuter in his Sleeping Beauty coat, boots and tights (or hose, or whatever they used to call them back then - I'm definitely not a medieval expert), but the kidlet changed his clothes and I have no idea where his original outfit went. Anyway, I think Phillip's getting along swimmingly with his new friend. *g*

I'm still in wait-mode for the final cover art for From Afar. I got edits from my editor the other day and finished them up last night, so that's done. By next week, I plan to really get to work on Oliver and Vincent. The little break has been fun, but I'm getting the itch to write again.


  1. Thanks for the candy! The picture of Prince Phillip and his new friend gave me my first real smile of the day.

  2. Yummy! Love the pics you're able to find. I *know* guys didn't look like that when I was that age!!!

    Looking forward to "From Afar"; thanks so much for keeping us posted. As a small rant and my 2 cents, it's beyond frustrating to find sites/blogs not updated for months.....just get rid of 'em if too busy to keep semi-current!

    Thanks for listening. :-)

    Sherry F (from the Midwest)

  3. I am also looking forward to From Afar -I am keeping my fingers cross for you that the cover gods smile brightly on you...

    Go Prince Phillip.... you enjoy...


  4. I love how Phil has his hand on the other prince's butt. LOL. I know I am a strange one!

  5. Hi Eyre! I'm glad the Princes brought a smile to your face :) They are so cute together - they make me smile, too.

    Hey Sherri F - You're welcome! I try to post twice a week, even if it's just random babbling. I figure if nothing else, you all can oggle the man-candy. :)
    I've never seen any guys who look like the hottie pics in person, either. But they must be out there someplace, if photographers are snapping pics. Gives me some hope of maybe someday coming across one in real life. LOL

    Hi E.H.! Price Phillip is definitely enjoying himself. LOL

  6. Well, if you're a strange one, Shawn, then I am even stranger - that hand placement was totally intentional. LOL. Too bad Phillip's arms don't bend, else he would have been grabbing something else on his new friend. ;)

  7. Prince Phillip and his Prince look happy and like they're about to get happier. ;D

    I can't wait to see the new cover for From Afar. And to read it of course!

    Thanks for the man candy, yummy!!

  8. Hi Lily - Thanks! ...and the pink Sleeping Beauty bed is only a few steps behind the princes. If they decide to have some fun, they can rock it out in style. LOL

  9. LOL!! You crack me up :D

    I can't wait to see what the cover looks like, btw.

  10. Hey Barbara! Glad you liked the princes. ;) Who knows, they may make another appearance on the blog in the future. They just might want to borrow the pink barbie corvette and go on a date one night after the kidlet goes to bed. LOL

  11. You are SO BAD!!! LOL!!!