Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Sequel or Not to Sequel

I’ve been thinking about which book I want to tackle next. I’ve got a whole gaggle of options, from vague ideas to outlined concepts. They are all clamoring for attention, of course. But I can’t do them all at once, so I have to make a choice. And as I mull, I realize that a big part of the decision will be if I want to write a sequel to an existing book next or a completely independent book. Which brings me to the issue of sequels. Since I write novellas, I don’t usually leave myself a ton of space to get to a real HEA (happily ever after), or as real as it can be in the Regency time period. I tend to use HFN’s (happily for now’s), and I usually have an idea for a sequel before I finish a book. And if not by the time I finish a book, then eventually. It took over a year, but Arsen and Henry from Object of His Desire have finally decided they want a short story to firm up their HEA, and introduce Arsen's youngest brother who has decided that he wants to be one of the heroes in a book that was going to be completely unrelated to all the rest. In fact, I have sequels in mind for all the books I’ve written so far. Not sure if they will all find their way onto the page yet, but I’ve at least got the ideas.

They pose quite the dilemma when deciding what to work on next. Should I continue a story with existing characters or introduce a new pair of heroes and tell their story? Um…big decision. While I have a fondness for revisiting heroes, I obviously can’t stay in sequel-land forever. New hotties need books, too. ;)

So I’m wondering what you all think of sequels in general. Do you like them or can you do without them? Are you a ‘one book’s enough’ type of reader, or are you on the greedy side and want more?

And I’ll ask one more question, because I’m a curious sort and can’t resist – if it was your choice, what would you want me to write next? A sequel or something new? I’ll add the disclaimer that the muse gets to make the final decision, but this is your chance to throw your choice into the big-old-hat of options, so to speak. So toss away….okay, so maybe that isn’t the best way to put it. *G* But you get the idea.


  1. Well, I do adore sequels. Always have. I also like "related" series books in that a secondary character from one book gets his own book. I don't see a ton of secondary characters in your exisiting books for that to happen, though obviously you do have an idea for one in Object of His Desire.

    I was surprised to read that you were going to do a sequel since I thought you were convinced Henry and Arsen had their HEA. :-)

    That being said, as much as I am fond of sequels, I vote for new stories for you, at least until you get more than 4 books going.

  2. I thought the guys were done, too. I gave them their HEA and they were happpily boinking up at Arsen's country estate. ;) But now they want a short story. Nothing hugely dramatic, but I like the idea of revisiting them. Whether they get it or not...I'll have to see.

    Good point about new stories. Definitely something I need to consider. And maybe, someday, that number can jump to 5 :D

  3. As you know, I'm addicted to sequels, writing them and reading them. Oh, just wait until I tell you about the new one I started this weekend...yet another story with a secondary char begging for his own. (slaps back of hand)

    But I digress. Love the idea of the continuing story, as well as introducing new characters through old ones. Is Arsen's brother cut from the same cloth? Or did he go the more uptight route? So many possibilities!

    That being said, your current stable can bask in the glow of their lovely HFNs while you bring to light some new Regency men for us to love. I vote for new....for now!!

  4. And I must add...lovely Marcus up there at the top of the post looks like a pleasure to...ahem, teach.

  5. I LOVE sequels. Especially if I was left off with only a HFN. I'm a HEA junkie. Plus, by that point, you are already familiar and hopefully have fallen in love with the characters.

  6. Hey Devon! Arsen's brother is a nice, pleasant fellow, but he hasn't yet decided which team he bats for. LOL. And lovely Marcus - I do believe he'd be a pleasure to teach. ;)

    Hi Barbara!! I have a fondness for sequels, too. Love them. :)