Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sharing - It's Always the Best Policy

In blogland news, my awesome CP, Shawn Lane, is having a giveaway on her blog for a copy of her soon-to-be-released book, BEYOND THE NORM. A hot biker and an adorable goth? How can you go wrong? And I happen to know it's a fabulous book ;) If you are interested in throwing your name in the hat for a free copy, click HERE . Just leave a comment on the blog to enter.

As for me, not much to report. I have a new editor at Samhain. I've heard fab things about her, so I'm sure we'll get along great. It is kind of sad having an editor leave, but these things happen in the publishing world and I wish Angie nothing but the best. I also updated my website with a couple lovely reviews for CONVINCING ARTHUR. I've decided I quite like that book :D , plus I LOVE the cover. I'm a huge fan of man-titty book covers (yeah...I'm a bit of a cover whore), and I didn't know how much I'd love having my heroes in clothes until I got this cover. So a big thanks goes out to April Martinez for the fabulous cover. And yeah, I've got it as the wallpaper on my laptop....I'm a dork like that.


  1. Ah yes,the Beautiful Dark series...I saw that one while trolling too! Yes, backs are good, and I'm a geek for anything artsy or black & white....sigh. Thanks for sharing!

    Totally looking forward to Shawn's BTN..very tweaked that I have a release with the same pub as her the same month...very heady company!

    Can't wait to check out your updates.. thanks for the news from blogland!!

  2. Awesome back, indeed.

    Thanks for the extra pimp. I'm ready for Beyond the Norm to come out already. August was a hard month for me with no releases

  3. Hey Devon! - so you've seen the Dark series. *G* There was another pic that I was sorely tempted to post, but even though I have the blog marked adult content, I thought I should maybe hold off on that one for a bit. Don't want to scare anyone away...yet. I bet you can guess which pic I'm referring to, too. :D

    Shawn - you're welcome! You know I love to pimp you. ;)

  4. Sigh...I happen to be a cover whore myself ;) I can't tell you how many books I've bought solely based on the cover, lol.

    Love the pic ;)

  5. Hi Barbara!

    Thanks ;) I do love pretty covers. When I find a book I'm excited to read and it has a gorgeous cover, too...sigh...I'm in heaven.