Monday, September 12, 2011

Full of Lovin'

I made some nice progress on Fortune Hunter over the weekend. Finished up chapter 2 and started chapter 3. And I did the copy edits for My True Love Gave to Me. When I finished reading through the book for the copy edits, I had that *oh, I really like this one* feeling. By the time I finish writing a book, I've usually fallen out of love with it. Takes a little bit, and some distance from the book, before I start lovin' on it again. And I'm full-on lovin' on this one now and looking forward to the release date. Didn't hurt that I got a peek at the cover on Friday. I love covers. I'll share it as soon as I get the final cover art.

I have a new facebook fan page . It's nice to be liked, so if you're in the mood, hop on over and say hi. I'll be posting updates and news on the fan page, along with posting them here.

Oh, and I've updated my website. Not all reseller or publisher sites include page & word counts, and different publishers have different definitions of novella, short novel, etc. So I added page & word counts to each book's page on my website.

All and all, a very productive weekend.

The mailman delivered shiny new postcards!! Love the mailman. He pushed my car out of the snow when I got stuck in my street last winter, and he also delivers postcards *g* If anyone would like a few, just send me an email at ava (at) avamarch (dot) com and include your snail mail address, and I'll send them right out. They're very shiny and pretty and very fun to pet ;)


  1. Wow! Congrats on finishing another chapter of your book. My true love said to me, sounds great! I can't wait to read it and for you to share the cover:)
    I'm headed over to your facebook page to like it right now.
    Have a great week, Ava. You've certainly gotten off to a good start:)

  2. Double-thanks, Andi!

    I saw your progress on FB, and was floored. If I get 2000 done a day, that's a ton for me. I'd never be able to write 5000 words in a day. That's huge!!

  3. Wow, you have been getting SO MUCH DONE! Woot!

    The postcards look shiny lovely indeed. :)

  4. Thanks, Chris & Shawn!

    I love shiny things :)

  5. Bizay bizay! I haven't been by in while. Bad me. Love the post cards!!