Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet the New Guys

After much perusing of images (yeah, hard work, but someone has to do it), I picked out new guys for my blog and website headers. *squee* Meet Charlie and Matthew, and their photographer is Dylan Rosser. Thanks goes out to Em Woods, for without her, it would have never occurred to me to email the photographer to ask if I could purchase the image and then I wouldn't have the new guys. So really, you have Em to thank for the new permanent cookies.

His Client officially releases in less than a week! I am already starting to get over excited about it. To celebrate, Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is giving away a copy of His Client. Simply leave a comment on her blog to enter to win.

A couple of great friends also have upcoming book releases. Yummy Indulgences by Andi Anderson releases 1/8 from Silver Publishing, and Pulling Apart (the sequel to Pulling Away) by Shawn Lane releases 1/9 at Amber Quill Press.

In other news, I sent the edits for Bound Forever to my editor, and I've turned my full attention to Convincing Leopold. Arthur and Leopold are right about to smex it up, so I better get back to them. I don't want to be cruel and leave them hanging ;)


  1. OMG. Those guys are worth every penny! Awesome!

    I did enter the contest at Chris's, but *sigh* I never win. No worries though, 'cause I'll just go buy it :)

  2. LOVELY new guys!!!

    Thanks for mentioning the contest!

    Ok, it's early, but isn't Pulling Away already out? With Pulling Apart being the forthcoming sequel? *squints at screen*

    Yay for sending in edits!!

  3. Oh lots of newsy news. Sounds like you are a busy, naughty, author. (I just tossed in the naughty for fun). I love your new pretty boys in your header. Very nice. I'm ashamed to say I sat up a little straighter and tried to peek over the edge of the photo in your post though. I couldn't see, but I tried! :)

  4. Wren - maybe you could ask Chris if the randomizer takes bribes? It might like some binary pron. *he-he*

    Chris - really? It's looks right to me. ...cause I just changed it. LOL. The link was correct, at least, just got the titles mixed up. When I saw your note, I did a 'really?!? *scrolls up to post* ...damn.' LOL

    Hey FV - I did the same thing when I first saw the pic! LOL And I'm sure the photographer cropped it that way on purpose just to tease us ;)

  5. And depending on the randomizer's preferences, he might have a thing for 1's over O's (or the other way around). ;)

  6. Sexy guys!

    I'm looking forward to everyone's new releases. :)

  7. I love those guys! Awesome!

    Of course, I wish the picture in this post hadn't been cropped quite so high. ;)

  8. Very, very nice!! They're both cuties, but the dude on the right is smokin' ;)

  9. Thanks, Lily and Eyre! :)

    Barbara - Definitely smokin' ;) And thanks!

  10. Love the new guys, Ava! I'm glad we talked about that...LOL.

    (@Wren...I heard someone else bribed the randomizer and chapstick was involved...*wink*)

  11. I'm glad you like them, Em!

    Chapstick, eh? *g*

  12. Mmmmm....yummy.... I mean, ahem, they're quite aesthetically pleasing, very Carravagisti, lovely use of lighting...


    We'll leave left brain and right brain to fight that one out - please don't leave my poor Leopold hanging :( Unless it's in a position he's enjoying...

  13. LOL, Angel! And at the moment, let's just say Leo's enjoying the position he's in ;)