Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Updates Version...I lost track

It's Friday. *g* Love Fridays. I hope everyone has had a great week. It's finally really cold here. Like cold enough to freeze-off-body-parts-you-don't-want-to-freeze-off cold. Not loving it at all, but that's how it goes in the Midwest. It's cold in the winter. No use wishing for warm sunny days until May...or so.

I've updated my website with excerpts for Thief and Fortune Hunter, along with the blurb for Fortune Hunter. Oh, and I just got a release date for Fortune Hunter - April 9th. And I found out the other day that Thief will also be available as an audio book from Audible. So I was rather geeked about that.

If you're interested in the story behind My True Love Gave to Me, hop on over to Jadette Paige's blog for the inside scoop on how the book came to be.

Shawn Lane, my awesome crit partner and fabulous friend, is holding a contest for her upcoming release, Eternally His. The book includes a hot axe-wielding warrior and beautiful rock star. :) Click HERE if you want to pop on over and check it out.

In other news, I had to remind hubby tonight that his role of protector of the domicile extended beyond chasing little furry things out of the garage. A bug with lots of little legs scurried across the basement floor, and hubby didn't jump into action when I pointed and demanded he 'killitkillitkillit'. Apparently there was some confusion on what he was supposed to do. We had a discussion and now we're back on the same page. My job is to bring little unwanted things I don't like in and around the house to his attention. His job is to kill (or chase away) said little unwanted things. Oh, and he's to take care of it very quickly. Life is lovely when everyone knows what their jobs are :)

That's all I have for this week. Have a great weekend, and if you're anywhere north of the equator, remember to bundle up.


  1. Great news on your release date, Ava.

    I hear you about furry things; I'm ready to buy a cat!

    I'm bundled up, too!

    Have a great weekend.
    Tracey D

  2. Great update.

    It's been a while since I stopped by. I'm sorry. But I'll find a way to blame you anyway. :)

    It's the "taking care if it quickly" that confuses my hubs too. We're working through it. lol

  3. Tracey - I have a cat. She's very cute but not much good when it comes to defending the house. I've tried to explain her 'kill little things' job - did the pointing thing and the 'get it, Kitteh', but...didn't work. She just looked at me and walked away. lol

  4. Sophia - it's ok, you can blame me. I'm really good at deflecting blame. It will bounce right off me and go someplace else :)

    I don't get how they can be confused about the 'quickly' aspect. :-O It's the most critical part! After hubby & I had our discussion, he volunteered to look for the bug to kill it. Um...little late, but I let him move furniture around and look. Made me feel better that he'd finally done a perimeter sweep. lol

  5. I'm still puzzled that he could be unclear re: "killitkillitkillit"!

    It's cold here and a tiny bit of snow is falling...

  6. Don't mind me - forgot to subscribe to comments...

  7. I was puzzled, too. Thought my instructions were very clear, but he just sat there and looked at me as I pointed and did the 'killitkillit...' Then after 'it' scurried away, he said I could have killed it since I had a book, kleenex box, etc, on my desk. Could have smashed it myself. I was like - 'uh, no. Don't want bug guts on my stuff. You're supposed to kill it with something from your desk.'

  8. ZOMG, you just described a scene from our house, lol!
    Happy Friday!

  9. I haven't gotten past the pretty picture, :D

  10. I don't blame you. He is very pretty :)