Thursday, June 9, 2011

Updates Version....3.0, I think

What's up with me? I've been working on My True Love Gave to Me, the holiday novella for Carina. I'm getting very close to the finish line. Hope to have it done by Sunday night, but....we'll see how it goes. There's a smex scene in the last chapter, and those usually take me some time to write, especially since my smex scenes tend to be rather...long ;)

The book isn't due until 7/1, but I want to get it done by mid-June. I need to get working on the next book that has a deadline. In fact, I'm now under various deadlines until the end of 2011. Deadlines for what, you might ask? 'Other books' *Ava replies vaguely*. I'm waiting until I finish the holiday novella before I go all squee-ie on the new contracts. Need to stay focused and get this one done. If all goes as planned and I finish the novella this weekend, then next week I'll tell you about what's coming next.

Why does History Channel have to have such interesting shows? I've been getting sucked into shows that I would have never thought I'd find interesting. Last night, 2 hours of Ice Road Truckers. Swamp People is another interesting one. Love how they have to use subtitles most of the time, since you can't understand a thing the guys are saying. Of course, can't forget American Pickers and Pawn Stars (love Chumlee). And tonight at 10pm - Mounted in Alaska. It's about a taxidermy shop. Ew - right? Turns out, so not eww. They mount already prepared hides, so no grossness. And it's very intriquing. Got sucked right into it last week.

Anyone seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC? OMIG. Those wedding dresses are nuts!!


  1. LMAO,I saw the coming attraction for the Gypsy Wedding thing. Honestly, I'm a Cinderella wedding kinda gal, so the bigger, the better. I don't know about the one you have pictured there, though. Yikes! My gown was a old style ballgown. Satin with lace and pearls. It billowed out beautifully and had a long train. I loved my gown. I just hated that it weighed a million lbs, lol.

    My hubs watches that Ice Road Truckers show. I get too nervous. Just watching them driving on those icy, deserted roads in the middle of the night gives me anxiety.

    I do love the History channel, though, and the Biography channel is another fav of mine.

  2. As someone who doesn't watch tv... *waves hi*

  3. hubby watches every one of those show except Mounted In Alaska and the Gypsy one. But I bet if I tell him about them he'll check them out. I married him because he is a sophisticated English dude believe it or not. hehe.

  4. Hey Barbara - Your dress sounds gorgeous! And I don't know how those truckers drive on those dark roads in the middle of winter in the middle of nowhere (seriously in the middle of nowhere).

    *waves hi back to Chris*

    Hi FV - very good reason to marry hubby. ;) And your hubby has good taste :)