Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cover Lovin' - Convincing Leopold

The inbox stalking paid off. I received the cover art for Convincing Leopold! Many thanks to the talented April Martinez for the awesome cover. I love the blue tones - very angsty, which totally fits the book.

If the guys, and the house, look familiar, it's because the cover artist used the same guys from the 1st book. See -

Same dudes, different images and Arthur's tied his cravat in a different knot. Historically dressed dudes are so hard to find, I'm quite impressed she was able to find multiple images of them. And very happy. Convincing Arthur is my only cover with fully dressed dudes with their faces showing. It could have been a bit...awkward if different dudes showed up on the sequel's cover. Who are you? And what happened to Leo....

In other news, I've been typing away over the holiday weekend, working on the holiday novella. Oh, and doing lots of research. Why ever did I decide it was a good idea to have a scene at a fencing academy? It sounded like a cool idea when I wrote the synopsis, but I know nothing about fencing, besides that swords are used. Well, no, they're actually foils. I do know that now, and a bunch more about fencing than I ever thought I needed to know but that I actually do need to know in order to write the scene.

On a related note, my brain now hurts. The version of 'The School of Fencing' (1787) that I found on Google books doesn't have a single lowercase 's' in the main body of the text. No joke. Every 's' has been replaced with a 'f'. As in 'You muft ftand ftraight...'. Google must have read lowercase s as a f when it digitized the book. The sad thing is it took me about two pages to figure it out (insert very confused Ava wondering what an 'infide opening' was), and even sadder, a couple more pages into it and I was able to read it just fine.

Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend!


  1. First, great cover!! I think it's so awesome she managed to use the same guys, too. I'm diggin' the cravats ;)

    Secondly, The School of Fencing...I would lose my damn marbles if I had to read like that! Just that one sentence was irking me, lol.

  2. The guy representing Leo is quite grumpy looking on Convinvincing Leo but it's fabulous that they are the same. I liked the blue tones too.

    And second, LMAO. OMG. Sounds like a scene out of a comedy on fencing put out by Rob Reiner's Princess Bride's cast. LOL.

  3. She did a great job with the cover!!

    Oh, your poor brain - you must've been thinking that fencing was more confusing than you'd imagined!

  4. Barbara - I'm diggin' the cravats, too ;) Yeah, that book hurt to read. It was particularly bad when I was bouncing between several research sources, going from an article (with correct spelling) to the Fencing book. I was all - ow, brain hurting. LOL

  5. LMAO, Shawn! You're totally right! And maybe Mr. Angelo had a lisp had a lisp in real life, and he wrote the book accordingly.

    Oh, Chris, I was so confused there for a bit! Even after I figured it out, I cross-checked all terms against another website, to make sure I got the spelling right. It would be a bit embarassing if an 'outfide' showed up in the holiday story.

  6. YAY! I'm glad the same guys could be used on your new cover. Don't you love it when things actually work out? LOL! I'm really loving the blue-ness of it too:)

  7. Love the new cover. So glad we get the same boys on both. :)