Friday, September 24, 2010

Updates and Shiny, Pretty Things

Since football season is starting up, I thought today's cookie would be fitting. I don't watch much football, but I have been known to occassionally pay attention when a game's on TV. Hot, muscular men in tight pants? Kind of hard to resist sneaking a peak. When they do the hike thing...that's my fav part. ;)

Not much going on with me. I'm currently working on Convincing Leopold and it's going...slowly. Usually does when I first start a book. So nothing unusal there. I get most of my writing done over the weekend, so hopefully the WIP'n Progress meter will show some progress by Sunday night.

On Tuesday 9/28, Em Woods is stopping by to do a Story Behind the Story post. Em's a great friend, a fab writer, and likes to hang out in the shallow end of the pond (the good end where all the fun happens). So stop on by on Tuesday to get the scoop on her first book, Not Anymore.

In other news, if you're in the mood to throw your name in the hat to win an awesome book, Shawn Lane's holding a contest on her blog for her upcoming release, The Beach House. Contest is open until September 30th.

Oh, and I must not forget, I have new shiny, pretty things! The mailman delivered the new postcards for From Afar. Squee!! And yes, I've been pettting them and lovin' on them. If anyone wants a few to pet or fondle, just send me an email (either my blogger email or ava @ avamarch (dot) com ) with your snail mail address and I'll have them out in the mail for you.


  1. Oh! Those are lovely postcards indeed!

  2. Since I work weekends I rarely watch it anymore but I'm definitely ready for some football with that hottie.

    Lovely postcards!

  3. Thanks, Chris!

    Lily - that hottie can tackle me any day ;)

  4. Ohmy, that hottie would make me watch any sport! ;) It's a shame really that we don't have football over here in the Netherlands, I have to miss out on the hike thing. But we have soccer... not bad for ogling hotties either. :D
    Those postcards are pretty indeed!

  5. Hey Janna - Soccer is definitely not bad for oggling hotties! There are some mighty fine soccer players out there. ;)

  6. You know I'm excited about hockey season. Gotta love the Wings!

  7. Ah yes, hockey. I love hot brutal that sport can be, especially when they slam each other against the boards or walls or whatever they're called. I keep waiting for the day when one gives another a hot kiss after he slams him against the boards. ;)

  8. Wow, I'm liking the football hero! Very nice...

    I saw Shawn's giveaway earlier... and hightailed it over there to enter! That looks fabulous!

    And thanks for the invite on Tuesday. It's gonna be fun!

  9. Glad you liked the football cookie, Em ;) I'm looking forward to Tuesday!

  10. Those are pretty - I love that blue bevell on the first one...

    Please send me some - you have mny addy.....

    Thanks hon..