Monday, September 20, 2010

Basking, Laziness, & a Balding Prince

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. I spent last Monday tweaking the chapter outline for Convincing Leopold, after that, I didn't do much of anything productive. I basked in the wonderful glow of Beyond Reckless's contract offer and was wonderfully lazy. Watched the finale of Top Chef DC (go Kevin! - my fav pick won) and other misc TV, and read books. I also got a lovely review from Publishers Weekly for my upcoming Evangeline book, so I basked in that for a couple of days.

Yeah....lots of basking and laziness. It was a nice week *g*

In non-lazy news, huge congrats go out to Andi Anderson on the release of A Realistic Romance! The book's sitting at the top of my TBR pile - it's my reward for after I finish chapter one of Convincing Leopold. I've read some fab reviews for Andi's newest book, and I figure the book will be a good incentive to get my lazy butt in gear and get back to writing.

The kidlet had a friend over again today. It's always interesting to see what happens when they pull out the barbies, and what scenarios they put the poor dolls in. Today they seemed fond of the Princes. From the looks of it, the guys were babysitting.
The guys look happy, at least. Though I did notice that Prince Phillip has developed a bald spot on the top of his head. I wonder what the kids were doing to him that made his hair rub off?
The kidlet's friend did ask 'Why are you taking a picture of the dolls?'. Before I could even think of a response, the kidlet answered 'She always does that. She likes the boy barbies'. *sigh* I'm as transparent as glass. And to think I thought I was being sly...


  1. LOL! Busted by the kidlet's friend. :)

  2. Can you imagine the friend saying to her Mommy... and her Mommy likes the boy barbies. She takes picture of them. LOL 0_0

  3. Has Prince Phillip been standing on his head perhaps?

    It's so nice to have some down time, in which you can post lovely boys in paint.

    Kids - they know so much more than we realize!

  4. HAHAHA..she likes the boy barbies. Love. ;)

  5. Hey Chris - yep, I was SO busted. I tried to sneak around thru the kitchen and snap the pics while the kids weren't looking but...didn't work.

    Hi Lily - if that particular friend's parents stop calling for play dates, then I'll know why. LOL. But that friend's parents are from Germany, and have only been in the states for a couple of years. Maybe they'll just brush it off as an odd 'American' thing. ;)

  6. Hi Wren - I didn't notice the kids playing gymnastics with the Princes, but who knows. Maybe the guys are getting more adventurous in their pink bed ;)

    Hey Mandi - at this point, the kidlet is so used to my fascination with the boy barbies she just rolls her eyes at me. You know that 'oh, you silly, mommy' look. LOL

  7. This is just... funny. LOL... I love it that you got busted.

    Those poor boy barbies being ogled by the mommy. ;)

  8. Perhaps Prince Phillip has that bald spot because his sweetie likes to grab his head during certain intimate situations. That's my theory anyway. ;)

  9. Em -
    Those poor boy barbies being ogled by the mommy. ;)
    It is pretty pathetic when put that way. LOL.

    I *heart* your theory, Eyre!! That's totally it!
    My inner perv has clearly gotten lazy. She should have immediately thought of that one. LOL.

  10. Hey Steph - I'm gonna have to try to be more stealth-like in the future. Maybe confine photography of the Princes to after-dark hours. LOL.

  11. Kids say the darnest thing...

    and this time it is acutally true....

    Thanks for the update on princey hair...