Monday, August 16, 2010

Nearing the Finish Line

I'm home from vacation. Had a wonderful time at the beach house, spotted a couple almost-cookie worthy specimens, and got a ton of writing done on Bound Forever. In fact, I'm working on the last chapter. Well, it's really chapter 5. Since I outline books by chapter before I write them, I can bounce all over the place depending on which scenes I'm feeling at the moment. With this one, I started at the beginning, then jumped to the end and worked my way back. Thus leaving me with chapter 5 to finish.

I'm on track to finish Bound Forever by mid-August. I define 'mid' as the 10th-20th, so even though it's the 16th, I haven't passed my self-imposed deadline yet. Nifty how that works, huh? *g*

I also finished up the first round of edits on His Client. I'll send them off tomorrow - I like to let edits sit for a night, just in case something occurs to me as I'm laying in bed or taking a shower (my two prime times for random writing-related thoughts to flitter through my head).

I took Sunday afternoon off from writing and took the kidlet to the mall. She wanted to go to Build-A-Bear, and since she's so damn cute, I of course said yes. The kidlet's kitty seemed to like her purchases. Though it took a bit of doing to convince the kidlet that Kitteh (that's her new name - it was hubby's doing) would not like to wear the matching jammie shorts, even though there's a hole in them for her tail.

Gotta love Kitteh. She put up with being tucked into bed with the new comforter and pillow set. Even stayed there for a good ten minutes.

Personally though, I think Kitteh was just so happy that we sprung her out of kitty jail (she went to a kennel while we were on vacation), that she was willing to put up with anything. Even the kidlet's particular brand of over-affection.

In case anyone noticed, I moved the Story Behind the Story post for Bound to Him out until 8/26. I've got news I'm gonna post instead later this week. ...yeah, I'm a tease. *g* But if you've been following the last few posts, you just might be able to guess :)


  1. That dude in the pool is HAWT!

    I know, I know!

  2. Aww, Kitteh is so cute! And very good, out Kitty would never let anyone dress her up.

  3. Kitteh must be supremely patient - neither of mine would put up with that for longer than 5 seconds!

  4. Oh yeah, Shawn. Pool dude is definitely yum!! And no gloating - you were like the 1st person I told when the stalking finally paid off. ;)

    Hey Lily - I was surprised when we got Kitteh and she immediately put up with the kidlet. But I think since we got her so young, being dressed up is just normal for her. LOL

  5. Hi Chris - Kitteh is very very patient. She even let the kidlet put the fluffy bear slippers on her feet (though I wasn't quick enough to get a pic of that). I could not see May or Chaos putting up with the kidlet. Both of them seem to have too much attitude to put up with an overly affectionate 6 yr old who truly believes cats like to be dressed in doll clothes. LOL

  6. I think you're right on that one. :)

  7. Wish I could've seen the slippers!

    And I love your definition of mid-month. Hereby adopted.

    Very glad to hear about a fun vacay and about BF wrapping up! :)

  8. Hey Devon! They were fluffy pink slippers, too. LOL.

  9. Hi Mandi! Kitty's an amazingly good sport about it all. :)