Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bouncing thru the Week

It's been a mixed week - bounced from extremely productive to extremely unproductive. Got a ton written on Bound Forever last weekend. I bound and gagged the internal editor and got an amazing amount done. I now only have a 1/3 of the book left to write and I'm on track to finish by mid-August. Go me! :) Then I dropped down to the other end of the productivity spectrum.

It became very obvious to me this week that when I'm not in the mood to write, I allow very bad TV to suck me in. I watched a marathon of Toddlers in Tiaras. And I mean marathon - like all night long, until 3am. It was like watching a train wreck - I just couldn't not watch. Very sad, really, since I was sitting at my desk, laptop on and the WIP open, and I chose to watch Toddlers in Tiaras instead of focusing on Oliver and Vincent. *shakes head at self*

But then Arthur and Leopold came to my rescue and snagged my attention. I pulled my notes for the sequel to Convincing Arthur out into a 7 page chapter outline (single-spaced, mind you). Then I wrote a synopsis for the book. Yesterday I received ARCs for my next m/f print book and spent last night putting together a promo mailing to bookstores and reader groups. I have no idea how effective such mailings are, but I have this feeling like I should do it, so I do. Plus it was a good mindless activity since the kidlet had a friend over last night and they were up past 1am, so there was no way I could have gotten anything done that required even an ounce of concentration. Monday I'll go to the postoffice after the EDJ, and I'm sure the postoffice workers will be frowning at me when I show up with a big box full of stuff to mail. And since the envelopes contain varying quantities of bookmarks, they will all need to be individually weighed. Yeah, the postoffice dudes are gonna hate me. LOL

Tonight I'll go back to Ollie and Vincent - they need to feel the love - and hopefully by Monday, I'll have a lot more written on the book. Still don't have release dates for His Client or Bound Forever, but I now have the feeling both will release this year. We shall see, though, and I'll post dates as soon as I have them.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! Oh, and the kidlet and her friend made me breakfast this morning. Diet coke, peppermint pattie and a hot fudge sundae poptart...yeah, the kidlet knows me so well ;)


  1. Let's focus on the really productive part of the week, shall we? :)

    And boy, the kidlet was sure helping you fuel the writing fires today!

  2. Definitely, especially since I hit a new bad TV low last week. I'm actually kind of embarassed for myself. LOL

    She's such a helpful kidlet. :)

  3. Hee hee. I'm a targeted video viewer, myself - I seem to be missing the bit that would allow me to click through channels and get sucked into random things. I watch True Blood regularly, and I just started watching the Generation Kill miniseries for my ASkars fix. :)

  4. I got rid of the premium cable channels when HBO's Rome was done, so I'm totally missing out on True Blood. I've been tempted to get it again so I can watch the show, but then I figure it will just be one more show to suck me in and distract me. So I'm resisting....for now ;)

    I don't usually do the random channel surfing thing, unless I'm in procrastination mode. Then everything is far more interesting than what I'm supposed to be doing. I've even been known to get sucked into infomercials. Yes, very very sad. LOL

  5. I've heard of that Toddlers show but have never seen it.

    I love the kidlet's breakfast, so sweet!

  6. Well, you aren't missing much, Lily. LOL. And the show's strangely addictive - once you start watching, you have to finish to see if the kids win. I'm sure they structure the show like that on purpose - damn them!

    Yep - very sweet breakfast, and very tastey! The kidlet's a great cook. LOL

  7. Yeah, see, when I need to waste time I watch the reality prison shows. I know, I have no shame.

    Nice breakfast! Why can't my girls cook for me? :)

    Glad to hear you're making some writing progress, despite those little tiara wearing princesses. lol.

  8. Ack! The tv discussion is hilarious (and a bit scary). I don't have a tv jones to contend with, but sometimes I get sucked into rereading ebooks--and not even good ones sometimes--when I get in that sort of mood. I'll look at the clock after the last page and choke. Dang it--just spent two hours on a 3-star when I could've been writing! Even the good ones are time sucks, especially if they come in series--my downfall. *hangs head*

    You do sound terribly productive though, and you know I'm totally jealous of your outlining skilz. ;)

  9. Hey FV! - Ah, the reality prison shows. lol I've seen them before. When I'm not stalling, I flip thru the channels and wonder why anyone would even pay to produce some of the shows. But when I'm stalling, I'm all 'ooh! That looks really good!'

    Hi Devon! Oh yes, the re-reading of ebooks. Read books can be really sneaky. The 'just gonna re-read this one fav scene' almost always turns into reading the whole book again.

  10. Like Chris said, just focus on the productive part of the week.

    That is the best kid-made breakfast ever! You are one lucky mom!

    I got rid of premium cable, but I can't get over my True Blood addiction. Thankfully, the BFF DVRs it and has on-demand.

  11. You're lucky to have such a good friend, Eyre. That is a sign of a true BFF - DVR-ing for you ;)