Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Links, News & Laughs

Congrats to Devon Rhodes on the release of Neighbors by Day, Naughty by Night!! It’s her new m/m/m story, which can be found in the Necking anthology.

For any fellow authors out there who haven’t stopped by Shawn Lane’s blog today, she has a great post on how you should just Don’t Do It.

Another head’s up for fellow authors (this time, for GBLT authors). Rainbow Romance Writers, a Romance Writers of America online specialty chapter, will soon open their first published author contest. Yes, I’m a member of the chapter, so of course I had to give the contest a shout out. I’m also very proud of the chapter - it’s barely over a year old, and it is the first RWA chapter devoted to GBLT romance authors.

And if you’re in need of a laugh today, I recommend stopping by Accidental Dong . I’ve linked to it in posts in the past, but…I can’t resist, and they have new posts up almost every day. My favorite recent post (and you have to go to the 2nd page to find it) is The Torpedo - “The quad ball is a bit troubling.” I don’t know why, but I laugh every time I see that one. On some level, I know it shouldn’t be that funny, but for some reason I find it ‘that’ funny. *g*

As for me, I’m writing smex. Yep, the guys are going at it again. The new book featuring Jasper and Nate, and tentatively titled His Client, is coming along nicely. I’m over 12,000 words into it - almost half way done.


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout-out. *Mwah* :)

    ..And for the other links, I'll be off to enjoy them next.

    Guh. Okay, Mr Muy Macho is right up my alley, and you know it. Lurve the athletic types. Mmm mmm.

    And your other pretty looks like Ashtyn and Keira Knightley got together and created a winner.

    Smex, smex, that all your boys ever do? ;) (heard echoing from afar...yes, please!)

  2. Hey Ava!

    Love macho guy... *sigh* Always great to start my day like that! lol.

    Great links & I'm so rooting for your guys... smex is a good thing! :)

    Off to check out Devon's new read... *waves bye*

  3. Wow, Mucho Macho is super hot!!!

    LOL, thanks for the link. I'd never seen that site. Too funny!

    Yay for smex writing, keep up the good work! ;)

  4. The first dude is nice. But you know I like the pretty one, :D

  5. Conversely, I like the first dude - the pretty one is too pretty for me!

  6. Had to come back... bought & read Devon's new trip male... and oh man are they yummy! Great job Devon!!

    *Now to catch up on your backlist...* :)

  7. Hi Devon - Anytime, girlie! I had a feeling you'd like the hottie :) And yes, my new boys really like going at it. *g*

    Hey Martha - glad Mr. Macho was able to give you a good start to your day ;)

  8. Hi Lily - So happy I was able to introduce you to the world of Accidental Dong. LOL That site is always good for a laugh.

    Oh yes. :) I knew you'd like the pretty one, Shawn.

    Hey Chris - Glad you liked Mr. Macho ;)

  9. Glad you liked the book, Martha! As for Devon's backlist, Remarkable Restraint is one of my favorites. Kink and angst. Oh, and A Pint Light. Loved the dynamic between Val and Raine.

  10. I do enjoy the Accidental Dong! When the posts pop up in Google Reader, I know I'm going to get a grin.

  11. What a great treat! I popped back to see where the comments had gone and ended up with my ears burning.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my guys, Martha! I have a huge soft spot for this story.

    Between you, me, and the lamppost, I have a feeling I might revisit these three again sometime. ;)

  12. Hey Eyre - It amazes me that there is an entire site devoted to accidental dongs, and people send in photos for it. Absolutely fabulous! LOL

  13. One day I will find an Accidental Dong...ONE DAY! ;)

  14. Mandi - I have the utmost confidence in your ability to one day find that elusive Accidental Dong. LOL And when you find it, you have to share it! LOL And send it into the site.

  15. Cool post Ava..

    Loving the boy at the top - he has a dancers body...


  16. Thanks, E.H.! ....yeah, the hottie on top....yum! :)