Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Crowded End of the Pond

I'm still working on the chapter in the new work in process that I said I'd finish by Sunday. Yep, the guys are still doing it. I got a lot written over the weekend, but spent most of the last work week re-arranging scenes I had already written. This is a newer book idea. I didn't sit on it for a good 6+months before writing it. So I shouldn't be annoyed with myself that I had to do a bit of re-arranging. Honestly, I don't know how 'panster' authors do it (those who can just come up with an idea and start writing). I feel almost lost if I try to write something without knowing exactly how the book will go. Must be the engineer in me - I like things organized. That's not to say I'm organized, but I like things to be organized.

Anyway, I've been busy writing smex lately. Pages of it. I tend to write long, rather detailed scenes. Not sure why, but I do. And as I've been working on this one, I'll admit the thought has flittered through my head - 'I wonder if everyone will think I'm a perv??' :) The guys are...kinda kinky, and it's a type of kink I haven't written before. Then I remind myself that I usually wonder about that as I'm writing at least one of the scenes in every book I've written so far. Since I haven't received any 'dear lord, woman, what were you thinking?!?' emails from readers yet, I'm thinking the shallow end of the pond is pretty darn crowded. ;) So I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and let Nate and Jasper (the heroes in the new book) continue to have their fun. And they will finish this round of fun by Friday, so that I can move onto the next chapter and have it done by Sunday night.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. kinda kinky

    Now I'm definitely intrigued.

    'I wonder if everyone will think I'm a perv??'

    Lol, we're reading, and loving, your books. We must all be a bit pervy then. ;)

  2. Hey Lily - Thanks! And it's reassuring to know I have company. lol

    Yep, kinky guys. ;) And it's a fun type of kinky (at least I think so). But I don't want to spill details yet. Want to finish this scene and maybe the next smex scene, make sure it works the way I want it to in the book, then I'll spill. Promise :)

  3. Let's see... Smex. Long, detailed scenes. Kinda kinky. Having fun.

    I LIKE it in the shallow end!

    Write on, woman!

  4. LOL. Will do, Wren! And it's fun in the shallow end, isn't it? :)

  5. Ava, darling. You are a perb! But that's what the shallow end of the pool is all about, girl!! LOL.

    Can't wait to see what kinda kinky action your boys get into... ;)

  6. Perv, kinky, long detailed sex scenes - kinda book ;)

  7. Ava Dear, you know we play in the shallow end!

    Keep writing those fabulous smex scenes,or I'll get the whip out!

  8. Ms. Ava, you know we all adore and appreciate your particular brand of perviness. (Yes, I know pervisness isn't a word.) This end of the pool is rather crowded, but we are having an amazing pool party, aren't we?

    The perv in me kind of hopes you slow down a bit so that we can all have a show when Shayne comes after you with that whip!

  9. I don't know - sounds like I'll be too busy drooling to wonder if you're kinky. ;)

  10. Hey Martha - I should make a 'Proud Perb' button to post on my blog, to warn any unsuspecting visitors. LMAO. I could even make a meme to go with it. *g*

    Thanks, Mandi! If it isn't already obvious, I'm a bit partial to the smutty stuff, too. :)

    I'm writing, I swear, Shayne! BJ in process. ;) Though...Eyre wants a show and you are really good with that whip... *g*

    Hi Eyre - LOL. Perviness so should be a word. And I totally agree - our pool parties are the best!!

    Hey Chris - Oh, goodie! Sounds like the distraction technique is having the desired effect ;)

  11. It's good to hang with fellow pervs!
    Eyre, Shayne's spectacular with a whip! Just ask Ava, she knows I'm right.
    Keep up the good work, Ava! We're ready for an Ava March story soon!

  12. As a fellow perv, I'm proud to stand on the shallow end with all of you!

  13. Hey Jack - Shayne's definitely spectacular ;) And he knows how to get results. lol

    Hi Zach - we have fabulous company in the shallow end, don't we? :)