Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Look & Chatty Vamps

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today. 60 degrees and sunny. Doesn't get much better in the midwest in March. Of course, it's supposed to get crappy and rainy again by the weekend, but I'm going to savor the beautiful weather while it lasts.

I've been toying around with a new header design for my website for a few weeks and finally settled on a final version tonight. My webchick (who's awesome) updated the site. So if you want to check out the new header, pop on over to my website. I'm still trying to determine if I like it better than the original version. It looks kinda...odd because I'm not used to it yet. My thanks goes out to Barbara for pointing me to a photoshop how-to site. Layer masks....they're my new fun toy to play with. :)

I'm continuing to work on the latest work-in-process. Didn't get as much done as I had hoped last weekend. I blame Raphael and Aleric. Lazing in bed Saturday morning resulted in the middle and end of the other book for them, so of course I had to type it up that night. For anyone who is wondering, From Afar was planned to be the start of a series. Book two will feature Roman and Grant, with Raphael and Aleric (with Roman and Grant making appearances) in book three. Well, that's how it is currently planned. We'll see if it changes as I get closer to working on the books. For now, I want to finish the current WIP, then there are two new heroes that must be written next. So the vamps will have to be content to wait their turn.


  1. I am please to say we have been having some brilliant weather for the past few days.... so I can share your joy...

    Enjoy it hon...

    Congrats on the new header... well done...

    I do enjoy photoshop and all it has to offer as well...

    I love the house...looks like my castle next door...

    Enough lazing about - get back to those guys...


  2. The header looks very nice! Enjoy the good weather and good luck with all the writing projects.

  3. Thanks for the cookie! He distracted me for a while...

    I like the header!

    But I loved Raphael and Aleric and was hoping that Roman and Grant would get some face time! We need to clone you!

  4. YAY! I know I'm ready to read more about your vamps! I loved them and the world you created for them.

    Beautiful eye candy!

  5. Love the header...and yay for Roman and Grant!! ;)

  6. It looks great, Ava!!! I like the font, too *wink* Oh, and baby. Actually, I haven't touched it in a while, but if you ever want any more tips just let me know, I'm more than happy to share. I like seeing what you come up with!

    I'm looking forward to Roman and Grant. I couldn't quite figure out what makes them tick, but you could tell they were very loyal. I have no doubt they have a, extremely romantic and passionate past!


  7. Hi E.H.! I love photoshop, too. It's so fun to play with. But I'm getting back to the guys, I promise! lol

    Thanks, Lily! :)

    Hey Wren - Yep, Roman and Grant will definitely get some face time, and hopefully not too far in the too distant future. I couldn't possibly include 2 yummy hotties in a book without having plans to give them their own book. lol A clone would be a good idea. I could send it to the EDJ, while I write all day long. That would be bliss!

    Thanks, Andi!! :) And I'm glad you enjoyed the man-candy. ;)

  8. Hi Mandi! Thanks! I've had Roman and Grant's book set in my head for a while now, but to write it, I'll need to do some extensive research into the army. Ah well, it's the price I'll pay for putting Grant in white breeches and boots in From Afar. It's what started the ex-soldier thing with him & Roman - I thought they'd look hot. ;) That's what I get for watching Vanity Fair while I'm writing. James Purefoy looked damn hot in his regimentals. LOL

    Thanks, Shawn!!

    I *love* that font, Barbara! Thanks so much for it!! :) Your designs are amazing, and you'll definitely be getting a nudge when I need more tips. And 'Extremely romantic and passionate past' is right on the money ;)