Monday, March 22, 2010

A Hot Little Snippet

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent the last few days judging contest entries and writing up a short synopsis for a possible new Evangeline book. If I haven't mentioned it before, let me just tell you how much I hate writing a synopsis. It's pure pain. Torture. Just ridiculously difficult to cram a book into a few pages. But at least it's done now and I can turn my attention back to the work in process.

Since I don't have anything exciting to report, I figured I'd share an excerpt from Object of His Desire. Though it released after Bound By Deception, it actually has the distinction of being the first m/m book I ever wrote. So without further ado, here's a hot little snippet from chapter 5.

Arsen arched one eyebrow. If Henry liked this, he was sure to like— He dropped down, took Henry’s ballocks into his mouth and applied suction.

“Ah, yes!” Henry’s shout rattled Arsen’s eardrums.

Henry shifted beneath him. Not wanting to accidentally hurt him—for teeth on that part of a man’s body was most unpleasant indeed—he lifted his head, releasing Henry’s ballocks.

The next instant Arsen found himself flat on his back. Damn, Henry was strong. Arsen hadn’t been flipped about so effortlessly by another since he had been a mere lad.

The glass bottle in one hand, Henry straddled one of Arsen’s thighs. His short light brown hair stuck up at odd angles, his cheeks flushed. Trepidation coiled low in Arsen’s belly as Henry poured a generous amount of golden oil onto his palm. He eyed Henry’s fully hard cock; the thick glistening length, the flushed needy head. His arse tingled, tightened. Maybe now would be a good time to mention—

Henry reached down. Arsen opened his mouth, the refusal on his tongue, when a large oil-slicked hand wrapped around his prick.

“Found this,” Henry said, waggling the glass bottle in one hand while he stroked Arsen’s cock with the other. “For some reason, I think you intended to do more than merely suck me off.”

“Perhaps.” He sucked in a breath as Henry massaged the head of his cock. Henry’s oiled fingers slipped luxuriously over his skin.

“‘Perhaps’ my arse.” Henry let out a bark of laughter. “Perhaps my arse, indeed.”

Henry flashed him a grin that made his heart leap. Arsen couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen Henry smile. A true genuine smile. Carefree. Happy. Could being with him possibly make Henry happy?

But Henry didn’t give him the opportunity to ponder such deep thoughts, for the man straddled his hips and guided Arsen’s cock to his entrance.

“Oh, yes,” Henry moaned, eyes drifting closed, hand still wrapped around the base of Arsen’s cock, holding it steady as he slowly lowered.

Arsen grabbed Henry’s hips. His fingers dug into the smooth skin as he fought the almost unstoppable impulse to slam Henry down onto his prick. Instead, he held still, let Henry take him at his own pace.

“That’s it. Take me, Henry. Take—” The words turned into a groan, deep and guttural, as Henry’s damp ballocks pressed against Arsen’s groin, the weight of his heavy cock resting on Arsen’s pelvis. Pre-come leaked from the tip, wetting Arsen’s skin. He squeezed his eyes shut. Scorching hot heat surrounded his cock. And tight, so goddamn tight. An impending orgasm gripped his ballocks in a vise-like hold. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Henry,” Arsen gasped.

Warm puffs of air fanned his face. Arsen opened his eyes.

Braced on his arms, Henry loomed above him, his full lips parted and glistening wet from their kisses. “Say please.”

Teeth bared, Arsen growled.

“Say it. I won’t move until I hear the words from your lips.” Henry smirked, full of confidence and sexy as hell.


  1. Ava...

    You do know how to start a girls morning...

    Even my tea is overheating...

    Have a great week - one step at a time and laugh as often as you can...


  2. Synopsis...makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it. LOL, as if it's not enough to write the story...To cram it in to just a few pages, and make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread...*sighs and shakes head*

    Oooh, another Evangeline book! Good luck!!

    *clears throat* That's some scene above ;) I remember reading Object of His Desire. Henry was my fav of the two boys :D

  3. Ooo. I loved Henry and Arsen. Thanks for the snippet to start the day!

  4. Hi E.H. - Glad Henry and Arsen were able to keep your tea hot. ;)

    Very good advice, especially the laughing part. :) Thanks!

  5. Hey Barbara - Thanks! Oh yeah, as if cramming the plot and romance into a few pages isn't enough, we also have to make it sound absolutely amazing, oh and convey the tone/feel of the book. Yep, I was fighting with the thing for 2 days straight. ugh. And since I'm not a masochist, I'm going to do my best to avoid having to write another one for a long while. LOL

  6. Thanks, Wren!!

    Glad you liked the snippet of the boys having some fun ;)

  7. I feel so naughty sitting here in my PJ's, sipping coffee, reading about sexy boys *g*

  8. LMAO, FV! Always good to start the day feeling a bit naughty ;)