Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Kiss Him

A little change of pace from my usual man-candy pics. Today it's Pride and Prejudice...Ava style. *G*. For those of you who aren't yet aware, Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite-of-favorite books. I am of the firm belief that Mr. Darcy would have been much happier if he'd chosen Mr. Bingley and not Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy's so stiff and proper, and Bingley's such a happy, carefree fellow. They would be perfect for each other. I can't watch the movie without wishing Bingley would just....kiss Darcy!

The pics above and below are courtesy of Devon Rhodes (she's aware of Darcy/Bingley fascination *g*). The one above is from the UK version (which is my fav movie version of the book) and I love the way Bingley is gazing Darcy. :D It puts such wicked thoughts into my head. LOL.

The below pic is from the 2005 movie, which I dub the 'Kiera Knightley' version. I admit, Bingley was hotter in this one, but Darcy was a tad too brooding. To me, Colin Firth will always be Darcy. Still, it is a nice picture and the actors quite handsome. Plus, their clothes are cooler in this pic. ....sigh. I love Regency-era men's clothing. So beautifully tailored, and so much fun to get off my characters. ;)

Do any of you have a similar 'Just kiss him!' movie or TV show? One where you are certain the heroes would be so much better off with each other.


  1. A month or two ago I had a discussion on Twitter as to why Darcy and Bingley should have gotten together :) And it definitely has to include Colin Firth..nom..nom..nom.

    In almost every movie I watch with my husband, I always comment on which two male characters should get together. More to get an eye-roll out of my husband at this point. Right now I am stuck on James McAvoy - I don't even care who it is with..but he needs some male action ;)

  2. Oh just about every movie with men in it and for years. Butch and Sundance, Aragorn and Legolas, Kirk and Spock, lol. Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp with Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday. Lancelot and King Arthur. All of them! You name it, I've thought of it.

  3. I don't think I have a movie or TV show...still thinking...but the ultimate "Just Kiss Him" for me was reading Ward's BDB series. For heaven's sake, everyone knows V should have been with Butch. Ugh, it irks me like no one's business.

    Nah, still can't think of a movie or TV show.

  4. Grin. So happy to have inspired your post...I watched that thing twice through the other night. Just couldn't turn it off.

    Let's see, for me many times it's characters in het books, so I'll be reading Sherrilyn Kenyon or Laurell K Hamilton and think, oh c'mon, just get with the other hot guy already!! ;)

    The other day at Gay Day we had a stimulating group chat convo about who Han Solo should've hooked up with...the consensus was that Luke was WAY too whiny. My personal thought on that was Lando! Mmm...

    My friend Julianne does loads of very hot slash on Livejournal with characters from Pirates of Carib., Harry Potter (all over 18 ahem), and Lord of the Rings. Drop me a note if you want the link. :)

    And over at EM Lynley's Cocktoberfest, fellow DSP author Amy Lane shared a fun scene she wrote long ago with Cassius and Brutus from Shakespear's Julius Caesar. Again, let me know if you want the link! ;)

  5. Oh, I thought of another. And I am totally dating myself, but a million years ago they made mini-series of John Jakes' The Bastard, The Rebels, The Seekers, etc.

    Well I loved them, and in particular, The Rebels. Even as a girl I thought of Andrew Stevens (Phillipe Charboneau) and Don Johnson (Judson Fletcher) together instead of with any of the chicks! OMG, those days!

  6. Hi Mandi - ah, yummy Colin Firth :D

    Right now I am stuck on James McAvoy - I don't even care who it is with..but he needs some male action LMAO!!! And I totally agree!

  7. Hi Devon - oh yeah, Luke would be way too whiny for Hans Solo. Lando would be more Hans' type of guy ;)

    Hey Shawn - Aragorn and Legolas? Oooh!!! Great pair! Legolas is so pretty, too ;)

    Hi Barabar!! - I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't read Ward's BDB series yet. One these days I shall remedy that. And I swear, more than anyone, it's the alphas that need a bit of male lovin ;) All that testosterone...yum!!

  8. Ugh, AVA! I'm so disappointed! I can't believe you haven't read them yet. Vishous...YUM!

  9. Nope you aren't alone, Ava. Never read a single Ward book. lol

  10. Hmmm... besides Butch and V? Right now, I'm stuck on the Winchesters of Supernatural (I'm almost infamous for this obsession...) and Sinclair and Granger from numbers.

    And someday, I might do Hamlet and Horatio... "Oh give me a man who is not passion's slave..." (Because I would rather be your love slave, buddy!)

  11. Of course, I always had my suspicions about Gilligan and the Skipper. They were as close as Darcy and Bingley and even shared that hut! But Russell Crowe with Joaquin Phoenix in "Gladiator"; I would have watched that (numerous times!) and I'm sure he wouldn't have betrayed him if they'd just gotten together! :P

    Sherry F (from the Midwest)

  12. Hi Amy!

    ...Because I would rather be your love slave, buddy!
    LOL!! Very nicely put!

    And a belated huge congrats on your sale to Dreamspinner! wwoooottt!

  13. Hey Sherry - Gillian and the could I have forgotten about them!! I used love that show. And they did share that hut ;)