Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Afar

I can finally share details. *g* From Afar has been contracted by Samhain, and will be available in February 2010. It's a m/m paranormal Regency-set erotic romance novella. Paranormal as in vampires. It features a very lonely Georgian-era vampire and a disinherited third son of a duke: Raphael the beautiful voyeur and Aleric the handsome rogue.

It's my first paranormal, and I already have ideas for two others. I started the book over a year and a half ago, then let it sit on the backburner while I turned my attention to Oliver and Vincent and then to Leopold and Arthur. This summer it started bugging me again, so I dusted it off and finished it. And I'm very happy I finished it, for I quite like the book and hope you will, too.

Here's a little blurb. It is little and it does need work. But polishing the blurb is on the to-do list for next week, so this will have to suffice for now -

Content to stay in the shadows and long resigned to have what little he can from afar, Raphael Laurent watches Lord Aleric Vane. But one night doesn’t end like all the others. One night Aleric diverges from his usual route home, forcing Raphael to break the rules, and giving him a chance with the man he never thought he could have.


  1. *waves pompoms*
    Is it February yet?!

  2. YAY!!! February?! Yeesh! Well, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

  3. Fabulous as Shay would say! And nice picture, too.

    But of course the best part is as your CP I am way ahead of everyone else and have already ready it! *g*

  4. You blurb is already very enticing, love! So happy you're finally able to announce! :) And I vote yes to more paranormal.

    Congrats! And "beautiful" picture. ;)

  5. Thanks Gill, Barbara, Shawn and Devon!!

  6. Ava....

    Big scream from across the pond - YEEEAAAHHHH...

    I am so pleased for you....

    Can you pinch Shawn for me - just because she gets to read it first... Jealous much.... YES...

    Can wait for Feb - loving the little bit that you shared...


  7. Hey EH!

    Thanks for the big scream from across the pond!

  8. Congratulations my dear. Just found your blog and will visit again very soon.
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Thanks for the congrats, Simone, and thanks for stopping by! :)