Wednesday, June 5, 2013

His Request - Now Available

His Request is now available! 

The book is a free short story sequel to His Client, featuring Jasper and Nate, and takes place about a year after His Client. There's a bit of smex (...ok, more than a bit) and a bit of drama, but rest assured, their HEA doesn't get put in jeopardy. The very talented Lou Harper from Harper by Design did the cover art *love it*. 

Life in the English countryside is better than Jasper Reed could have ever hoped. His garden is flourishing, he has Nathaniel Travers in his bed most nights, and his lover has become his neighbor.

When Nate suggests they play ‘the physician and his patient’, Jasper eagerly agrees. The erotic game proves just the thing to fill the rainy summer afternoon. Yet Nate’s request after their game is over gives Jasper pause, stirring up old doubts and making him question if he is indeed first in Nate’s heart.

His Request is currently available for free download at the following places on the interwebz. It should be up on other 3rd party retailers soon.


  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome *g* It was fun to write about Jasper and Nate again.

  2. I so wanted to know what happened to these two, and how they were going to handle Nate living in London. So I'm thrilled {Happy Dance}about this sequel to His Client.
    What a perfect addition to the story about Nate's best friend.

    1. Thanks, Jess! Great to hear you enjoyed Jasper and Nate's sequel :)