Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updates, and Ryan at the Tailor

I've been working on All In With the Duke, and it's coming along nicely. I'm gearing up for the major angst 'black moment' section, which is my favorite part of a book to write. I've already crossed the 55,000 word mark, so this one will definitely be my longest Ava book. I'd originally aimed for around 65,000-70,000 words, but given what's left to write, it will likely be closer to 75,000 words. So at least twice the length of one of my usual novellas. 

My upcoming series, Gambling on Love, got a lovely shout-out in RT Book Reviews Forewords post - "...what is most intriguing are the characters the author pairs together." That made me smile. 

What else is new? Thief, Fortune Hunter and Rogues are being bundled into a collection as part of a larger Harlequin initiative for erotic romance. The Brook Street Collection will be available on March 15th, for a price of $5.99. Definitely a deal. And I love the cover art. If you're interested, it's already up on Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon.ca and Barnes&Noble for pre-order. 

In other news, Kidlet is learning how to sew, and Ryan is her latest guinea pig. She's making him a new shirt. Not sure if she intended it to be a belly-baring shirt, but it looks good on him. 

And I'll leave you with another snap-shot from around the house. Kidlet got a label maker for Christmas, which means most everything has gotten labeled. Kitteh did not like her label at all, but the niece's dog was a very good sport about it. 


  1. LOL..that label makes me really laugh for some reason.

    1. :) The dog was so good, too. He wore his label the entire night. I kept saying to him 'Oh, you must be Jax'.

  2. The label-maker! And the belleh-barin' t-shirt! :D

    Let me know if you wanna do a contest/promo for the Brook Street Collection. :)