Friday, November 9, 2012

'Twas the Night Excerpt & Updates

It seems like forever since I posted on the blog, but I've been writing. Well, there were edits in there for 'Twas the Night, but mostly I've been working on a new book. I started it a couple months ago. It always takes me a bit to get into a new book. Got to get the plot set in my head, figure out the guys, write an outline,  etc. This one took me longer than usual to get going on because it will be a longer book. Likely around 60-70k words, so like twice my usual novella length. But I'm finally a few chapters into it, and really loving it. So fingers crossed the new guys continue to cooperate.  

I've posted an excerpt of 'Twas the Night on my website. If you're in the mood for a longer excerpt, check out the Oh, Come All Ye Kinky anthology's page on Riptide's website - they've posted excerpts from my short story and L.A. Witt's Candy Caning. 

Shawn Lane, my awesome critique partner, is holding a contest for her upcoming release, Waking the Prince, a Sleeping Beauty inspired m/m fairy tale. Stop on by if you want to throw your name in the virtual hat. Contest ends November 16th.

The niece's dog (one of the two we're babysitting) brought me a present earlier this week. Left it at the back door. A little gray fluffy thing. After screaming for hubby, he investigated the present and declared it was a bunny head. Just the head!!! :-O  The dog who be-headed the bunny is the sweetest, kindest, best house dog ever. But he's a lab mix. A hunting dog. There's been a bunny in the yard for the past few months, and the dog's been wanting to get it so badly. To the point where I kinda teased him - 'Oh, is that bad old bunny  in the yard again? You go get him. Tell him to stay away'.  I never thought he'd actually catch the bunny. Bunnies are really fast. Well, the bunny wasn't so fast the other night. Now the bunny is no more. :(  I do hope word got out in the little fluffy creatures community, and they all steer clear of my yard from now on.  

And I'll leave you on that note. Hope you have a great weekend!