Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bound Series - Now Available

The Bound Series is now available on the various Amazon sites and from CreateSpace. It will be available in a few weeks from Barnes & Noble as well. 

One erotic night at a brothel changes Lord Oliver Marsden and Lord Vincent Prescot’s friendship into something so much more… 

Bound by Deception
Lord Oliver Marsden has a secret. He's in love with his best friend, Lord Vincent Prescot. When he discovers Vincent hires a man once per month, Oliver arranges to take the man's place, and discovers a dominant side to Vincent he never expected.

Bound to Him
Wealth, status, and a lover who submits to his every desire – Lord Vincent Prescot’s life is perfect. Then Oliver asks Vincent if he loves him, Vincent's father demands he marry, and Vincent’s neat orderly life spins completely out of control.

Bound Forever
Lord Oliver Marsden’s life is perfect…well, almost perfect. Then a letter prompts him to push Vincent, his dominant lover, to submit to him. Yet the erotic night has repercussions neither of them anticipated. 

Also includes the short stories Deliberately Unbound (Bound #2.5) and Deliberately Bound (Bound #3.5)

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....did you notice how large I made the pic of the cover? If it's not obvious, I'm still in shiny, pretty love with it. 

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