Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updates, Happenings, and Jake & Ryan get Frisky

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had Monday off for the holiday - I love having Monday's off, makes the rest of the work week not seem so bad. It was hot and sunny, I grudgingly did some yard work, and I started a new book. 

Which book you might ask? I'm going to stay mum for a bit and see how it goes. I've now got 3 books started. I'm really fond of all the WIPs, but it's spring so I'm feeling spring-ie, and bouncing around a bit. One of them is a free short story for Jasper and Nate from His Client, and my goal is to get that one done and posted by July.  

Only two more days left for the $0.99 sale for Thief. If you're interested in picking up the book and haven't yet, now's the chance to snap it up for 99 cents either at Carina Press, Amazon, iTunes or Barnes and Nobles

Kitteh's world shattered recently. My niece is in town for the summer to visit the family, and since her dogs needed a place to stay and we have a fenced yard, the dogs became our summer house guests. But having these 2 in house... Kitteh was not pleased. They're very sweet dogs - one's a boxer/greyhound mix (he looks like a gazelle with a boxer's head) and the other's a lab mix - but to the cat, they are the devil's spawn.  
Poor cat has never been around dogs before, so suffice it to say, she was in hiding for a good few days.But after about a week, she's more...well, this describes her attitude now toward the hounds. 

Now that Kitteh's no longer in hiding, she's back to letting Kidlet play with her. Kidlet got a hold of hubby's phone over the weekend and decided to play supermodel with Kitteh. Staged a little photoshoot in her playroom with her build-a-bears. These are some of the snapshots I found on hubs' phone.  
(the 'where's Waldo' pic)

(the 'diva' pic, with Chococat peering over her back)

My niece visited a few days ago to check in on the hounds, and she had a little fun with Jake and Ryan. Here's how I found them on my desk, complete with dialogue balloons. 
(yes, Ryan's trying to feel up Jake's chest)


  1. *snicker* Looks like your niece may be following in your footsteps!

    Amazing composition on the photos--very much an artiste, isn't she?

    Poor kitteh. We have a visiting dog too, but our pet (Sahara the fish) doesn't seem overly affected. Though I'll be keeping an eye on her mood, just in case.

    1. Oh, she is so my niece. LOL. Though I'm not sure if she's the writerly type. Have to wait and see. I didn't start writing until about 6 yrs ago, so who knows. One day she could ask for advice on how to write smex scenes :-O

      Love the name of your fish!!

  2. You show those dogs, Kitteh! Love the photoshoot pictures. :D

    And what Devon said about your niece. :)

    1. Kitteh's gone from being absolutely terrified of the dogs, to 'you are so annoying, get away from me'. My last cat used to sleep with our old dogs, so maybe in another couple of weeks, she'll be cuddling up with them. ...though I'm thinking that's wishful thinking on my part.

    2. Was your last cat a black cat? They have attitude. :)

    3. He was a tan tabby cat. Though Kitteh gets along with kidlet, she's definitely got attitude. So I probably shouldn't hold my breath that she'll become bestest buds with the dogs :)

  3. Your niece made me giggle :)

    1. :D She made me giggle, too. I can't believe she went so far as to cut out dialogue balloons and tape them to the wall.