Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Upcoming Happenings and Stuff

First off, warm weather...I love you. I love even a hint of you. Going to be in the 60's all week, and mostly sunny. OK, your midwest weather update is now done.

Fortune Hunter and Rogues, books #2 and #3 in the Brook Street trilogy, will be available from Audible sometime around each book's release date. So that means the entire trilogy will be available as audio books. Pretty cool.

If you're in the mood to throw your name in the virtual hat, Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is holding a giveaway for all 6 books in Carina Press' upcoming M/M Week. Yes, all six! Giveaway includes A Brush with Darkness, Bitter Harvest, First Time Forever, Moving in Rhythm, What Binds Us, and Brook Street: Thief. Click HERE to enter. Contest ends 3/16.

Starting March 19th, Carina Press will have an entire week of M/M releases. To celebrate, the authors (including yours truly) are going on a tour. At each stop, we'll be giving away books...all six releases, to be specific. For a tour schedule, you can check out this info blog - http://carinammweektour.blogspot.com/ - or you can just check out the actual schedule:

3/19 - Dev Bentham at Fiction Vixen
3/19 - Ava March at The Macaronis
3/20 - Larry Benjamin at Joyfully Jay
3/21 - Kim Knox at Rarely Dusty Books
3/22 - Erastes at The Macaronis
3/23 - KC Burn at Babbling About Books, and More

Today I received some love from my mailman. He delivered my new Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game! *big squee* I ordered it Friday and it showed up today - I was very impressed, especially since I elected for standard shipping (which usually equals really slow shipping).

As for how I found out about the game, Mandi over at Smexy Books had a coupon code for Gone Reading - 25% off. A sale? Oh, I checked it out. And found my new fav game. I played it with hubby today but his P&P knowledge is very limited. He answered 'Mr. Darcy' to every question. Little wonder I ended up schooling him with my vast P&P knowledge. I rock!


  1. He answered 'Mr. Darcy' to every question.

    LOL! Love it!

    1. Hey Barbara!
      I figured he at least picked the best character in the book. Though, he didn't even get 1 question right, since none of the questions I asked him had 'Mr Darcy' as the answer. Lol
      Hope all is going well!

  2. I would probably do the same thing since I loathe that book, lol. Sorry, :D

    1. No need to apologize. I won't hold your loathing of P&P against you ;)

  3. Thanks for the mention! And... I'd probably answer the same as your husband, because classics and I... not so much. :D

    1. Thanks right back at you!
      I'm not big on other classics. In fact, I don't even remember reading Shakespear or similar in school. Either it wasn't interesting enough to hold my attention or I skipped over that particular English class. But Jane Austen...I love her books.