Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Fun & Games, and the Importance of Timers

The pre-book release excitement continues with a couple contests. You can find both over at Stumbling Over Chaos (many thanks to Chris for hosting the fun). Just leave a comment on each post to enter to win.
There's also still time to enter the scavenger hunt for Men Under the Mistletoe to win a $100 gift card to Amazon or another ebook retailer of your choice. Stop by my website or check out this post for the details. The hunt is on until 11:59pm EST on December 2nd.

And stop by next week for some more fun with a mini-blog tour from the authors of Men Under the Mistletoe to celebrate the anthology's release.

In other news, I have confirmed yet again that I really shouldn't use an oven. Or if I do use one again, I need to remember to use the timer. Kidlet and I made blueberry muffins the other day. The first batch went wonderfully. The second batch....well, I'll leave it to you to guess which muffin in the photo was from the second batch.


  1. Congrats on your newest upcoming release! I can't wait to read it.
    One of those muffins look like a chocolate one to me. LOL!
    Good luck with Men under the Mistletoe! I know it's going to be great:)

  2. Thanks for the mentions - and you are, of course, very welcome! :)

    LOL - I hadn't heard of blackened blueberry muffins before. Very cutting edge, you. ;)

  3. Thanks, Andi! It might look like a chocolate muffin, but it really wasn't and it certainly didn't smell like one either. The house reeked of charred muffins for hours!

    Chris - Well, you know, I do try to be on the cutting edge of baking delights. LOL

  4. I just missed the contest. See where work gets you? ;)

    LOL, love the muffin :)

  5. Thanks, Barbara ;) The un-charred muffins were actually tasty - kinda surprised me that I'd managed to make a decent batch. The charred ones went in the trash once they stopped smoking.