Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Updates and News

I knew it would happen. I couldn't resist tweaking Thief. But it's now done. Really. I turned it in Friday and it's officially off my desk. I spent the weekend working on a chapter outline for Fortune Hunter, the second book in the Brook Street trilogy, and got a start on chapter 1. I also turned in the cover copy for My True Love Gave to Me, my holiday story in Carina's M/M anthology (Men Under the Mistletoe). Once I get the final version of the blurb for the book, I'll post it.

Convincing Leopold has made its way to Amazon and is now available for Kindle. It's also available on All Romance eBooks and on Barnes and Noble for Nook. In fact, all my Loose Id titles are now on B&N. Some of the guys were missing, but Loose Id worked their magic and now they're all showing up.

In other news, Shawn Lane, my awesome critique partner, is holding a givaway on her blog for her upcoming release, Can't Be His. Click HERE for details. Congrats goes out to Sophia who is celebrating the 2nd blogoversary of her fabulous blog, Fiction Vixen Book Reviews. To celebrate, she's holding a giveaway for a Kindle Wifi 6" along with a bunch of ebooks. Click HERE to check it out.

And in fish tank news, we are down to 1 fish. The 3 other goldfish went tits-up (or fins-up) over the past week. One after another, we found them floating in the tank, and not floating in a good way. We're left with 'jerk' fish, as kidlet has dubbed it. We don't think he contributed to the demise of his goldfish buddies, but you never can tell. He was the biggest of the group, and he's always been a bit of a jerk. I'm certain he was part of the little fish carnage, so I wouldn't put it past him to take out his buddies.


  1. Who knew that you had "Survivor: The Goldfish Edition" going on?!

  2. LMAO! Jerk-fish plotted with the other goldfish to take out the little fishes, then took out his buddies to claim the title.

  3. egads, cut throat shenaningans in the tank!

  4. We got our boys their first fish tank over the weekend with 3 fish. two days later, not one left standing (or swimming)

    Apparently we are not good fish caretakers ;)

  5. Definitely, Shawn! Jerk fish is ruthless.

    *he-he* Mandi. We've had jerk fish for over a year now. The key to fish caretaking seems to be over-feeding and not cleaning the tank frequently.