Monday, June 27, 2011

Deliberately Unbound - now available on ARe

Deliberately Unbound (Bound #2-1/2) is now available on All Romance eBooks as a free .pdf download, in addition to being available on my website. And of course, I couldn't resist updating the cover art so it jived with the cover for Deliberately Bound. All 3 of my freebies are now on ARe for anyone who wants them as a .pdf, and for any future freebies I plan to post them both to my website and ARe.

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway on Stumbling Over Chaos for a copy of Convincing Leopold. The giveaway also includes Convincing Arthur, for anyone who hasn't read the 1st book yet. Contest closes at 7pm CST. Speaking of Convincing Leopold, the book releases tonight around midnight EST, and it's already received a lovely review over at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews.

In other news, I started Thief, the 1st book in the Brook Street series, over the weekend. I also had to do some research on Blackjack. Well, the guys play vingt-et-un, which is the french version of blackjack. Anyway, research was needed since the only card games I'm any good at are go-fish, old maid, and Uno, and my skills with those aren't fab (kidlet routinely beats me at Uno).

That's all for me today. I'm off to start practicing my little happy dance in preparation of new book release night.


  1. Wow, you were super productive over the weekend! Woot!

    And thanks for the mention. :)

    Does your happy dance involve champagne?

  2. Thanks! I was shockingly productive *pats self on back* LOL

    No champagne, but the happy dance will include capri sun (pacific cooler flavor, if it can be considered a flavor...) ;)

  3. Looking forward to the new release!! Yay you!

    The key to winning Uno is to cheat.

  4. Thanks, Wren!

    I try to set the 'good example' and not cheat. Kidlet, however isn't above cheating. She tries to stack the deck. It's really obvious when she does it, too - she'll get like 3 wilds and a couple Draw-4-qilds in her initial hand. She hasn't learned the art of subtlety yet. lol