Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coming Soon x 2, and One Cool Cat

Convincing Leopold has made its way to Loose Id's Coming Soon page. And yes, I've been by to visit the guys a time or two. I just can't resist. No cover though, and it will likely be another month before I get it. Until then, I'm content with them just being on the coming soon page.

Speaking of covers, I designed one over the weekend for Deliberately Bound, the next freebie short story featuring Oliver and Vincent. I was in a photoshop mood and indulged myself. So since the cover's done, that means I need to finish the story. A while back (like in December) I mentioned that I'd probably post it in April. It's now the 26th. I'm currently working on it and hoping to have it done by the end April, but it might end up being early next week. I'll post on the blog as soon as it's up on my website.

In other news, I found Chococat hanging out on the couch in kidlet's playroom. I really dig the outfit kidlet put on him - pink rhinestone pleather collar and tight, striped-pink shorts.


  1. How did kidlet manage to make Chococat look vaguely kinky?! O.o

  2. I know! He looks like he's ready to go to a BDSM club. My first thought was 'nice outfit' followed by 'she's obviously her mother's daughter'. LOL

  3. I look forward to the freebie. Although I only recently finished Forever Bound I'm already going through a Vincent and Oliver withdrawal. ;)

    I love Chococat's rainbow-ish pants and kinky collar!

  4. Her mother's daughter *slap knee* Love it!!

    My daughter lined up a table full of naked barbies the other day. I asked her what she was doing, she said they were for me since she knows how much I like to take pictures of dolls. O_0

  5. Thanks, Janna! I was going through withdrawls as well, hence why I'm writing the freebie. ;)

    LMAO, FV!!! Not just a line up of barbies, but naked barbies. Definitely a :-O moment. It's kinda scarey how well our kids know us sometimes.

  6. It's so wonderfully sparkly and pink :)