Friday, March 25, 2011

Keyword Fun

Blogger added a stats feature a few months ago. It doesn't have a ton of stats, but the most interesting ones are the key word searches that brought people to my little slice of bloglandia. There's the expected 'ava march bound forever', and other variants of my name and book titles (though the 'bound forever pdf download' got a frown from me). There's also been some more unexpected key words, such as:
  • happy dance (...though I do sometimes talk about my little happy dances about the kitchen, so I can understand this one)
  • pick the hottie
  • erotic hotties
  • hotty reading ....I'm seeing a trend here....
  • loose little shorts
And my all-time favorite. This one is from a month or so ago.
  • boyfriend nipple ring play
For anyone who has a blog and doesn't check their keywords (they're under 'traffic' in the stats), I suggest checking them out. You might get a good laugh.

I'll leave you with this cookie. I really wish I was with him on the beach instead of here with the cold and crappy weather. It's almost the end of March. sigh. I'm really hoping spring arrives soon.


  1. Mmmm... cookies. :) I wish I was on the beach with that guy, too. *sigh*

    Oh, looking at keywords is amusing, isn't it?! My blog is a great disappointment to armpit licking fetishists, since my only mention of armpit licking was as one of the ways Chaos can be annoying. :) They still stop by, though.

  2. Well, maybe the armpit licking fetishists still stop by because they are into cat armpit licking. LOL.

  3. The keywords can be hilarious. If you want to get lots of visitors, tag a post with Brent Corrigan. I posted some pics and a safe-sex video a while back. It's my most popular post. However, I know the people who land on it are probably disappointed that it isn't really a pron site.

  4. I've never checked for key words before. I'll have to see if I have any fun ones.

    Loved the beach hottie!

  5. I remember that vid, Eyre! Very interesting and informative ;) You do post some great vids sometimes, so maybe the Brent searchers are all that disappointed when they land on your site.

    Glad you liked the cookie, Lily! And you must share if you have any good keywords ;)

  6. Huh, I checked my key words and they were all pretty reasonable. I'm shocked. Usually there is a list of freakish things people would like to do to vixens. And, with all the weird stuff I post on Random Fridays you'd think I'd attract come crazy searches but no. I must step up my game!

  7. No fun keywords, FV? I'm shocked as well. At the very least, I would think you'd attract the llama fetishist ;)