Thursday, February 10, 2011

Company in the Cave

Shawn Lane had a post the other day which prompted me to take a good look at the calendar and realize the end of the month was less than 3 weeks away. 2 weeks and a few days, to be more exact. Convincing Leopold is due at the end of February. Based on my word count, I'm not yet half way done with the book.


So I'm now officially in the writing cave. I'm even planning to boot chatty hubby out of the basement tomorrow night. Given it's been averaging 14 deg here of late, it's much too cold to write in the garage. My space heater doesn't do crap when it's that cold. So I'm in the basement, but hubby's here too and he's rather chatty (he's discovered Skype recently). I love him and all, but he's seriously disturbing the muse. So he's getting the boot starting tomorrow night.

Good thing is that I've finished reviewing the proofs for Bound Forever and sent them to my editor, so that's done. I can now focus totally on Arthur and Leopold.

And I won't be completely alone in the cave.
Meet Ryan. He's one of Ken's friends. His packaging called him 'Ken', but I mean really, you can't have 2 dudes side by side at the store and call them the same name when they are clearly not the same guy. *shakes head at the marketing dept* One of kidlet's barbie books had barbie's friends in it, and there was a cute little hottie with dark hair named Ryan. So I've decided he's Ryan.

I haven't abandoned the Princes, but those 2 are officially the kidlet's and live in the bin of barbies. Ryan hangs out on my desk behind Pretty. He'll be my company in the cave for the next 2 weeks and 4 days.

If you don't see me out and about, it's because I'm in the cave. Wish me luck!! ...I think I'm going to need it - the frentic music is already playing. ;)


  1. P.S. And I'm glad you aren't stuck out in the garage in this weather. I was wondering. :)

  2. Chris - now I have that Christopher Cross song, Ride Like the Wind, in my head. LOL

    Thanks, Lily and Barbara! I have a feeling I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

  3. Earworms provided free of charge. :)

  4. Good luck! If you start to get frustrated, just think of blue-haired boys with whips.

  5. Minimal sympathy for your weather report......we finally got about zero. :-) Looking forward to your releases!

    Sherry F (from the Midwest)

  6. ....meant to say we're finally *above* zero. Regardless, cold is cold and I'm sure you're as sick of it as the rest of us are! Take care!

  7. Hey Eyre - LOL. And that blue-haired boy has quite the snap in his wrist.

    Hi Sherry - finally got above zero? *shivers* Well then my 14 deg today would have felt balmy to you. LOL

  8. You did say you'd be squeeling like a tweenie...

    Yep, kick his chatty self on up the stairs so you can write more deliciousness for us all.

    Ah, and not going to chime in on the how-cold-is-it-there contest, even though I feel like I've been freezing my assets off's all relative.

    Hey, you know, I'm pretty sure that Ryan is naked in my bathtub right now. Seriously. Can't see the bottom half of yours, but I recognize the hairdo. Mine came with cute little swim trunks or board shorts or something, but the girls didn't waste any time in getting him naked, and now they refuse to dress him. I'm thinking the Barbies don't mind...

  9. Ryan looks like good company. I dig his hair.

    We have a bin of Barbies too. *nods head*

  10. Devon - yeah, there was some tweenie squeeling going on. LOL. My Ryan has cute jeans complete with white sneakers, but I did see a malibu version of him at Target the other day. Clearly the beach version is a bit of a tart, if he's hanging out nekkid with the barbies.

    FV - I love his hair, too! It's kind of spiked in the front - so cute ;) And so much better than Ken's hair.

    Mandi - Thanks! I couldn't resist getting Ryan. He's got dark hair and blue eyes, which is my fav combo :)