Tuesday, January 11, 2011

His Client - Now Available

His Client is now available from Loose Id! *insert much squeeing from me*

The book is my longest Ava book to date, coming in at 40,000 words, which puts it firmly into short novel territory. The book features two of my favorite themes - unrequited love and friends to lovers. It also features some fun kinky smex ;) Oh, and angst. Gotta have the angst.

Here's the official blurb...which is the same blurb I posted in the past. I must have done a decent job on this one, because it received no tweaks from the marketing department.

Mr. Nathaniel Travers has been visiting Madame Delacroix’s brothel for five years. On every visit, he requests the same man. Stunningly handsome and highly skilled, Jasper not only shares Nate’s fondness for wickedly erotic games and black leather corsets, but he’s become a friend. Someone he can talk to. Someone he can share a supper with. And Jasper’s the only person who knows Nate secretly harbors a love for his old childhood friend, Peter Edmonton.

Mr. Jasper Reed has been working at the house for a decade. He’s saved enough to retire, yet he remains at the decadent London brothel. Retiring would mean leaving Nate and the hope perhaps someday the rugged gentleman would stop pining for his best friend and realize he loves Jasper, just as Jasper loves him.

It takes Edmonton’s marriage for Jasper to see he’s been just as blind as Nate. Stubbornly hoping for something that cannot be. Convinced a gentleman like Nate can never be more than his client, Jasper retires.

Life in the country may be lonely, but with no one to please but himself, it’s calm and peaceful...until Nate shows up on his doorstep.

Here's a link to the official excerpt, which includes all of chapter 1 - Excerpt


  1. Super congrats on the release hon...


  2. Happy Release Day Ava! I'm going to have to give the boot to one of the books I'm reading now ;) I'm looking forward to reading it!

  3. Congratulations Ava! Can't wait to read it!

  4. Woohoo!! Congrats on the new release!

    ((hugs for Ava))

  5. ~squeeee~ So awesomely happy for you babe!! :D

    *sweeps up the confetti so Ava doesn't have to*

  6. (hugs Em)

    Thanks for sweeping up the confetti, Devon :)

  7. Congrats, Ava! I'm late (*stupid flu*) but I'm heading over to the LooseId site right now! :)

  8. It's great to hear you're feeling better!

    I wasn't planning to read this weekend (the plan was to work), but your question had me checking my books folder to peruse recently bought books and before I knew it, I had started Yes! by Kim Dare. Just finished it in fact. Very good, cute book. So thanks for the nudge - it was a great, end of the workweek read.

  9. Oh, I love Kim's work too!
    But, *darn* did I keep you from writing? *smacks self* ;D